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Dollmore 70cm Model Doll - Bella Auden

Mar 3, 2006

    1. I just got an email from Dollmore about a new 70cm BJD..

      Hi~ Dollmore customer.^^

      Let me introduce Dollmore\'s Model Line Bella who can create a perfect Model pose.

      She is so attractive to have a her face with a mature appearance and a refined look

      and perfect slender body line and Model pose.^^

      << organization >>

      - Model Doll Bella head + assembled body
      - 16mm Acryl Eye(random)
      - Black straight wig
      - All-in-one + guarderbelt stockings
      - Box, 2 cushions, COA

      They also included pics, but not sure if it's okay to post them here? I may be just out of the loop, but I had no idea they were working on a larger doll?

      They're at www.dollmore.net.

      If this was already posted, I apologize...I searched for it but couldn't find anything :/
    2. I didn't know they were working on a bigger girl either.

      I'm not too wild about her face sculpt, but hey, I'm sure owner pictures with different makeup will change that. Her body looks nice, but I wonder just how much more posable (if at all) she is compared to other girls?
    3. http://www.dollmore.net/shop/step1.php?number=1630

      There you go ^_^..

      Well I think she is lovely...with a different face up i think she will be prettier.
      I do like her small waist and broad hips..she looks like a *Five stories* character so slim..^_^..
    4. Is Hyon a member of DOA so I can PM her to order. I just switched to another internet company and I can not email anyone because their is some kind of glitch. I have a Lilis and she needs a big sister.

    5. No Hyon isn't a member of DoA that I know of.

      There might be a link on her website though.

      Try www.dollmoreusa.com
    6. I wish they had a neck measurement. I'm very curious if her body fits other heads.
    7. Gayle - Hyon seems to think we should wait to order clothes for this gal. I don't know if that means actual clothing in her size are imminent or not??? I kinda still think getting Hound Jeans wouldn't be that big a deal. We both know we can "tweak" them if need be.....And I personally don't mind if the leather Hound jacket I want is a bit on the roomy side either. Like I said the other day - kinda like wearing your boyfriend's jacket.

      Mind you, maybe once they realize how many people are interested in her, I'm sure it won't take long at all to see stuff on the site for her. Would be REALLY great if that happened just before shipping at the end of the month....
    8. Yeah that would be really neat Dutchgirl, if Dollmore had some things actually sized for her, availible when they were ready to ship.

      If your are interested in those jeans, Cynthia in Flint Hills on this board has a pair availible in Marketplace for a discount from Dollmore.

      I DO think those jeans would fit with some tweaking.
    9. I asked Jee Mon about Outfits and shoes for her and that was the answer:

      hi~ customer^_^

      first, thanks for your interest.^^

      her outfits and shoes will be expected to sell

      on Dollmore site soon.^^

      thanks a lot.
      have a great day~!:D

      Dollmore Jee.^^
    10. Well I would think that since its Dollmore's doll they would start to produce clothes and shoes for Bella Auden one day. And with her feet being 8 cm long, we may finally see some more feminine shoe styles for Unoss, unless Bella's feet are very narrow.