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dollmore adam Neo?

May 15, 2008

    1. It was the same with Kara Klum. They released some wigs with him modeling and a he only came out a few weeks (a month?) later. So I guess we will soon meet Neo, too :D
    2. On the Dollmore site, in the Questions section, someone asked Jee when Neo would be released, and she said he would be released later this month.

      I like his sculpt, but if you're going to call him "Neo", couldn't he have looked a little more like Keanu Reeves? (Tee, hee...pleeeeeze?)
    4. Yeah, I agree with you Russell. Neo (lol @ Keanu joke XD) looks handsome, i loved his lips... oh dear X3
    5. I was about to ask about this new guy, I really like the way he looks, I wish he would like Neo from the Matrix movie........drool worthy indeed:love
    6. I have to admit I'm a little disappointed with him, I was reeeally hoping he was going to be at least a wee bit similar to Neo from The Matrix (I'd give the moon for a doll of him xD).
      Nice lips though and he is certainly very cute :)