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Dollmore Alex Doll from Gu Mi-Jeong

Dec 10, 2010

    1. http://www.dollmore.net/shop/step1.php?number=8743

      That is the direct link to the girl.


      That is the News Thread.

      I just went to look at this doll, and the body is just adorable! The funny thing (love Dollmore) is that they say "MSD clothing is too small, SD too large, so proper fit clothing will be released. At sometime" That is paraphrased, BTW. If you ordered her or him though, you might want to order doll and clothes together, yeah?
      Really nice doll though, going right on The List. I love the face.
    2. Oh lordy, just fell in love with the girl...
    3. Isn't she sweet? I love the cute chubby baby body.
      It's funny but the boy faceup looks more femme than the girls.
    4. I agree, the girl's make-up makes the sculpt look masculine for some reason and the guy's more feminine. Maybe it's the lips?
      Chubby body is cute and the sculpt is beautiful, wish the eyes were bigger though Xd
    5. I like their face and their bodies.. such interesting!
      I don't like MSD size.. but this could be a good compromise to fit this girl with my only MSD PD Roseanne..
      She could be her older sister ..(not in the real bg of the pg :D )

      I like like like..
      but I find the prices soo much high!!!
      I could buy a Luv for the same price.. and she's on my wish too.. and she is near to an SD (SD lover...)
    6. I'm absolutely in love with the girl <3 Definitely going on the wishlist. I really love the smaller eyes and more babyish body, I think she'd fit in perfectly with my larger dolls as a little kid sister!

      I love that Gu Mi-Jeong doesn't try to conform to the standard BJD sizes, it makes for really interesting and unique dolls! Although they're hell to dress XD I might have to try my hand at sewing!
    7. I want one. I automatically feel I should get the boy, cause generally I like boy dolls better, but I'm leaning toward the girl to avoid the bizarre confusion of another doll named Alex. I am curious to see how they look with other dolls...especially MSD sized.
    8. Yeah, I like the unusual size and shape of her as well. Gu Mi-Jeong does love those off sizes, she must be trying to promote creativity lol.
      VampireAngel13 isn't it weird how the name of a sculpt can influence your choices?
      What cracks me up is Dollmore's saying "Clothes will be released sooner or later". Hilarious.
      They are really good though about having things available for the "off" sizes.
      And there's always commissions.
      Your sewing machine.
      Or socks.:XD:
    9. Oh yes lol I think they did just to assure that I would buy one.
      I especially loved the email. Early in the morning and I'm going "why is Dollmore emailing me about my doll out of nowhere??" I had to read it twice before I realized what I was seeing. *sigh* Good thing I'd stopped for coffee on the way to work.

      I hope they sell the outfits they're wearing. I wish they'd sell both the girl and boy's outfits for their SD sized dolls...Those poor things are so neglected when it comes to clothes. The boy looks like he's wearing Anotherspace....


      Weird. I just lost the site! like this very second...I wonder what I did XD
    10. I lost it too. There was some message about them transfering to a new server. I think I am in big trouble. I told myself no more MSDs and then Dollmore has to do this to me. I kept going to look at her all morning. I love my Narshas and Alexia seems like she is built like Narsha. I love her body. It looks like it would be very sturdy and easy to pose, unlike my Leeke girls. I think she will have to go on my wishlist.
    11. I already want "him" and I can't even access the pictures yet!
    12. She's immediately gone to the top of my wishlist, and savings fund (currently $0..) although I think I would get her without faceup and get a younger faceup done so she can represent a younger child. I love her body, the hands are amazing like Narsha's are, and the chubby legs etc are just perfect :aheartbea I want, no.. I NEED :D
    13. I wasn't expecting to like this girl, but OMG, as many of you, she's now at the top of my want list!
      I won't be able to even begin to think about getting her till summer though :(

      looks like she'll come up to the shoulders of the Zaoll, if anyone else is curious.
    14. OMGosh I actually was going to get Dollmore Eve Lilis Liv. I wanted 1 special girl doll that I could call my little princess and decorate my bed with. And then Dollmore come with these amazing dolls*_*. I allready have a Lilis Liv at home. I think that now 1 Lilis Liv is enough. I also must think about how many dolls I want in my room. I am really interested in that Alexia girl. She would have been such a sweet princess:) But I think I want to see her with some clothes and shoes from dollmore first that fits her. If I`m gonna get her I`ll ask dollmore to do a face-up more suited for a little child.
    15. Whoa, I didn't notice their price until now @___@; It's double what the DMKs are and they're only a few cm's taller! XD;
      But still, this is definitely a doll that'll grow on me, I know it >w< I love the faces, and I LOVE the chubbiness on the girl doll! SO nice to see that instead of the usual so-very-skinny MSD body.

      I'm still curious though, since the boy's body has yet to grow on me as much, would their heads fit on DMK bodies?

      Regardless, I can't WAIT to see some owner pics of these beauties, hopefully whoever gets them will also have a DMK for some comparison shots xD
    16. I won't be buying one of these kids but I like them! They actually look like pretty porportionate 10-11 year olds which is nice. I'd like to see one next to an SD to see how they look.
    17. Oh dear! BEAUTIFUL! I'm in love!!! I can't wait to see owner pics :D

      Somebody please order this doll soon and post pictures!!!!
    18. Beautiful face, very sweet and lovely I think. Not something I would own but I definitely look forward to seeing pictures in the Gallery in the future. Too bad about the wardrobe being an odd size though.
    19. Their bodies really remind me of the lusion body. They would look cute next to eachother XD
    20. The heads are really nice - but I'm not digging the bodies. They just look too chubby to fit their faces, which aren't proportionally chubby to the bodies.