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dollmore, ATTI and ARRA

Apr 12, 2007

    1. They are cute , but too expensive for me also :(

    2. Ooof. Really cute.
    3. Mhhh ,
      I dont like the elbow or the wrist joints ...or the legs
      AND for the price , I would prefere a jointed torso ,.....No I will pass
      Im saved :)

      Ok Im being really picky tonight .....what gives with the 2 left shoes on the little girl ???

      wonder if I get a prize for noticing it LOL

      .....................................................OMG GOD IM SICK ...............................................
      for the first time ...I didnt like a tiny ..................call a doctor !!!
    4. I like their faces! :D But I have to agree with tinybear, their joints ain't nice and they have FAT LEGS <- sorry for saying that > : x And their hands are too small, all their fingers have the same lenght...
      But the girl's face is stealing my heart! =^____^= Very very cute!
    5. Goodness, their faces are cute! I love the little teethies.
    6. The little girl looks likes she is related to the Shiwoo Family!

      Very cute!
    7. Awww it's just baby fat. Cute faces. At 21cm they might be nice babies for SD's.

      I added them to the size chart. I also added what little is known of Minoruworld Jr. Leila, and I added DD-Anne measurements. And fixed Petite AI foot measurement.

    8. Whew, Carolyn you do so much work, thank you.
      I like these two babies, I think they need to move in with me. Such sweet little faces and pudgy rears. And if they are of the same resin as the Momo I recently bought, they should be very lovely. (I think it is my favorite resin ever!)
    9. Eeeee! They're soo cute! Love their chubby toddler bodies! Gah, I'm doomed, doomed!
    10. Aww how cute.
    11. Oooh... the faces are super-cute, but the wrist-balls look a little on the big side. And I'm puzzled that they don't show the dolls nude from the front... surely they could give us a better idea of the body sculpt while maintaining the dolls' modesty?

      I do think they're cute, though. I like how the girl (Arra, I guess?) has little tiny teeth peeking through!
    12. I don't pay attention long enough to draw a comic and you guys fill up the thread XD

      I was wondering why they didn't have any frontal views of the body nude. that kinda bothered me. the pudgy tummies are kinda cute though XD
    13. The two same shoes are bothering me, too, tinybear :lol:

      I like the faces, very sweet without being too cute for child-dolls.
      ...but I'm not sure I like the transition from the legs to the body,
      at least in the angles in the photos. The lack of leg definition
      is a bit annoying to me, too. The arms seem a bit blocky, too.

      But the faces are quite sweet. Temptingly sweet,
      but that body leaves a lot to be desired.
    14. I like these new tinies, but that is because I have a weakness for baby fat x3

      The only things that bother me are the joints as well as the price. Otherwise, I think they are absolutely adorable :aheartbea
    15. This is the first time I've looked at and loved a doll's face and haven't thought "must have!". Lovely expressive faces. Body isn't for me.
    16. Gah, the girl is adorable. The boy I am not so crazy about but the girl is darling. Well, aside from her clunky wrist joint.
    17. I am head over heels for Atti!!! :love I can't get enough of his little face! Even though the price is high, he's so cute, price isn't an option! :D

      Isn't it strange that I feel okay about spending $300 on this doll, but spending $300 on a Leeke or something bothers me? I guess that means it's love!! :sweat

      All funds for other things are put on hold, and are being diverted to Atti :lol:
    18. OMGOMGOMGOMG I love the little boy!! Aaaaack *runs to get credit card*
    19. I agree with tiny bear. I love tinies (I only like Tinies and MSDs actually) and I'm not too crazy about these either.

      Something about the face... *grumbles*