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Dollmore Banji! discussion part 2

Jan 3, 2006

    1. (Edit - Note for new readers of this thread - see near the end of page 2 of this thread for info on waiting for Banjis to come with new leg parts, ordering replacemant leg parts, etc. The new leg parts are not yet available and of 09-Feb-2006)

      I have been having a slightly hard to understand (to understand for sure) email conversation with Jee Mon - she is lemonday on Ebay who sells Dollmore and also Dollmore person who communicated with me after I purchased my first Banji at Dollmore site.

      It sounds like they are redesigning Banji knees ("new leg parts") which will be ready soon and I asked her wait to send my second Banji until they have new leg parts.

      I am now trying to discuss with her if people with the early Banji "bad knees" can get new "leg parts" and who they should contact her to arrange this.

      She has not yet answered me on procedure but I think it will be possible. One more email back-and-forth with her and I will hopefully know, and then I will post it here.

      I am mostly posting this now for new people who are ordering Banji now since they may want to wait to order or ask Jee Mon that their unshipped purchase not be shipped until it has new leg parts.

      Of course we have not seen the new leg parts yet - I am hoping they will be just as cute but less crazy.

    2. OK - I got the answer from Jee!

      "I hope that you will recieve the new banji's leg parts with their next order.
      because the EMS shipping cost can be saved. but if they want just leg parts,
      they should pay just the shipping cost without extra fee."

      So - if you have a Banji with the original bad knees, you have two choices.

      1. Next time you order from Dollmore, send email to Jee and ask her to also ship Banji replacement leg parts with your order, and tell her exactly which Banji you have (link helps - see below). There is no extra charge.


      2. Just send email to Jee asking for Banji replacement leg parts and tell her exactly which Banji you have (link helps - see below). You must pay shipping but there will be no charge for the leg replacement parts. It sounds like the shipping would be EMS (expensive) but maybe you can try to request airmail since it is just legs.

      In either case, it may be best to include a link to the full page description of your Banji at dollmore.net - that was how she verified which one I had. The different Banjis have different skin tone and blushing so she needs to know exactly which one you have.

    3. My first Banji girl had the original crazy legs that would bend forward, and today I finally installed the new leg parts from Dollmore. Hooray!

      I am frazzled and exhausted.

      First I tried to do it the way the instructions said - to push the tiny metal wire piece out of the ankle using another tiny little wire tool that looks like a staple with one end cut off.... I could not do it. My eyesight and dexterity are just not good enough. I used a magnifier on a stand but I could not hold the tiny metal tool straight enough while pushing and I was afraid I would enlarge the tiny hole in the ankle or lose something.

      So I decided to see if I could untie the knot in her head, and then maybe restring her with the same elastic. After strugging with the generous knot for about 20 minutes, I gave up on that idea, cut off the knot in her head, and unstrung her, leaving the full length of elastic through her ankles.

      Now that her head was off, I decided it would be a convenient time to change her eyes. So I did that three times.

      Next I was planning to pull the elastic out of her ankles and start with new elastic, but the elastic was so tight under the metal piece in her ankles I was afraid I would not be able to string my slightly larger elastic through that tight space. So I pulled most of her left side's old elastic to one side of the ankle, tied new elastic onto it. Then I restrung her on that side till both ends were through the neck and I hemostatted them. The extra knot ended up in her calf.

      When I tried to do the other leg the same way, I couldn't get the elastic ends through her little neck because the space was now tight. Fortunately the new piece I added on the second leg was very long so I tied it's open end to the open end of the old elastic to make a loop and pulled it through the neck with a long folded piece of thin wire. The extra knots ended up in her calf and torso.

      So now I had a long elastic loop, a long elastic end, and a short elastic end out her neck, and I pushed and pulled them into her head. I was unable to find a way to get her tension even and tie all the elastic into one big knot, so I cut the long loop of elastic and securely tied each pair of elastics onto a very small jewelry split ring which seemed willing to nestle in a lower corner inside her head. I gave up on trying to make a loop to hold her headcap on and instead used a little bit of Tacky Glue to hold the headcap on.

      I am so glad she is all back together!

    4. The newer legs are ok. My other Banji came with the newer legs. Anything's better than the old legs that preferred to bend forward or sideways at the knee!

      Their original stringing is similar to tiny Elfdoll's except the elastic goes through Banji's ankles and wrists rather than being tied to them with fishing line.

    5. I was too exhausted to try it, but my original plan for the little split ring was to first tie each pair of elastics together at the right tension in the head, then pull each through the split ring then over the split ring to secure them, so her head could easily be removed again if I ever need to without having to untie any knots or cut any elastic. But I needed something to brace the knots against in her head so I could tie them once, fine-tune the tension, then tie again, so I ended up putting one end through the split ring before tying.

      I do think my solution of lengthening one end of the elastic and pulling more of the old elastic's length through the other side of the ankle to lengthen that side was hacky but it gave me plenty of elastic to work with.

      And lightly tacky gluing the headcap on was something another member (tinybear?) did after she restrung her Elfdoll tiny so that was where I got that from.

      BTW - has anyone noticed the matched circular depressions inside Banji's head on the front and back edge of her open head and on the headcap? Almost looks like you could put little magnets in there. (like ones you could punch or cut out of the backing for flat fridge magnets). But I don't know if magnets that thin and small would hold very well.

    6. The original knees fit very badly and would like to bend forwards, sideways, etc. The newer knees fit better, not great, but better. The knee design (old and new) shows a gap at the knee when she sits, and her knee design and stringing don't really want her knees to bend 90 degrees (they can, but they would rather just be at 1/2 that), so when she sits, her lower legs don't want to hang straight down. So basically, she could sit better, and with wiring she probably would.

      New Banjis ordered from Dollmore should have the newer knees. Those of us who ordered early Banjis with the old knees were able to get free replacement leg parts included with our next Dollmore order (if you had nothing else to order, you had to pay shipping only for the replacement leg parts).

      Riley and Madeline clothes would be too big. Here is the main link that covers many things she Banji wear...


      I don't know. Perhaps someone else knows.

      Like other BJD's Banji's eyes can be changed. I think she uses 6mm eyes. Her little wig is not glued on and may start falling off easily. Her head is about 1/4 inch smaller than Elfdoll but she can wear some of the Elfdoll wigs pretty well. See down the first page of this thread for one of my Elfdolls and Banji trying on Elfdoll wigs...


      The seller lemonday on Ebay is Jee Mon from Dollmore. So if you ever see her selling a Banji you like, buying from her is like buying from Dollmore except you can use PayPal.

      If you do a search here on DoA for Banji you should find some really cute pictures.

    7. Im sure you will hear from others too
      I love my Banji boy and girl
      they have the most sophisticated , elegant sculpt ,
      their hands and feet are amazing :) :D
      they hold their pose as well as any other tiny , and stand as well , tinys always hold their poses better when they are wired , (which is quite easy to do )

      because the tinys dont have the weight of their larger counterparts they tend to "kick" a little more , but its nothing a pipecleaner cannot cure , I found Banji particullary easy to "wire"

      Im pretty sure you wont be disapointed if you order one :)
    8. There are posts and tutorials on how to wire BJDs... you can use the search function to find them :) I wired my DES and it was pretty easy :)
    9. :) mine had
      "crazy waist" too

      I made a wide figure of 8 pipecleaner and inserted into her torso , that did the trick :)
    10. Banji's head is 3 inches. Elfdoll's is a smidge bigger. They can both wear Elfdoll wigs though most of those wigs need something to hold them on. Tinybear makes Tibetan lamb wigs for Banji and sewaddictd can make a fake fur wigs for Banji.

    11. I would NEVER take my baby in the sun, but since I live in California I would love to get Deirdre a pair of sunglasses. She isn't here yet..*pouts* but I wonder what size would fit her? She is a goth and is a Sweet Dew Banji but I dreamed of her wearing a cute pair of black sunglasses. *hee*

      I know of some clothing threads, but none of them cover sun glasses or glasses even. Any banji owners know what kid of sunglasses would fit? I think she would wear them mostly when she sleeps but that dream was so vivid. Many thanks in advance. :)
    12. Hmmmm, Kelly sized ones fit my Elfdolls, you could try those. Others you could try: Winx, Mini-Blythe/Pullips. Banji's head is pretty tiny, don't think Barbie would fit her.
    13. Thanks. :) I hope to get some Kelly clothes or something to try it out. I wonder if Kelly has any gothic like clothes since my Banji is a gothic girl. :)
    14. My personal experience is no, since Kelly is meant to be about 5 years old....but Kelly clothing is a poor fit for Banji anyhow, at least for pants. My Eomji wears clothing from either Winx or the Bratz line...either the small "baby" type or the newer Bratz Kids. Some of the tops for the regular dolls will work as dresses, and Bratz are much more trendy than Kelly & Co.
    15. Thanks. :) I would save the kelly clothes for my future i-elf doll who would wear mostly anything that would fit her. :)
    16. I think Banji can wear Bratz Babyz clothes for punk clothes. There are mini 4-inch Living Dead dolls - you might be able to use some clothes from them but everything would be short. And you could probably throw together some cute gothy things with black fabric laces, ribbons, and trims.

    17. I-elfs are bigger than pocket fairies--so the Kelly clothing won't fit her...

      I did find a pair of sunglasses for Kelly (I think-- I need to check--don't think they were barbie since it matched a Kelly outfit on her at the time) that I had perched on my banji's head... not sure if they fit her like proper sunglasses--

      Can't check until I get home from work...
    18. The mini living dead dolls are pretty hard to find right now - I've been on the lookout and the only place so far is ebay and I can't justify the outfit with the prices they're fetching. I've been to a few local comic books conventions, combed Newbury comics and several other real comic book stores and I wish I bought a few when I saw them first out - I so wanted the anarchy cheerleading outfit and the schoolgirl outfit - my Pansy would have rocked them.

      Back to the subject - I don't remember any of the dolls having glasses.