Dollmore Bebe

Nov 18, 2018

    1. Hi there!

      Anyone out there who has the Dollmore Bebes? My Anjou and Everett are arriving soon and I was wondering if any other clothes would fit them?

      their measurements from the Dollmore website shows:
      * Eye size : 12mm (Diameter)
      * Tall : 14.5cm
      * Circumference of Head : 14cm
      * Circumference of neck : 4.5cm
      * Width of shoulders : 2.7cm
      * Circumference of chest : 8cm
      * Length from shoulder to wrist include a wrist ball : 4cm
      * Circumference of Wrist : 2.5cm
      * Circumference of waist : 9cm
      * Circumference of hips : 10cm
      * Length of "from hips to ankle" : 5cm
      * Length of "from knee to ankle" : 2cm
      * Circumference of ankle : 3.5cm ( Foot Width : 1cm)
      * Foot size : 2cm

      it seems like they are shorter than Lati Yellow but measurements are quite comparable maybe the shorter clothes would fit? thanks for the inputs!
    2. Yes, I have some Lati Yellow clothes for my Everett that fit on top; the bottoms have been more difficult to find a good fit. The difference in measurements seems small, but the difference in cut can make for some constriction of movement.
    3. thanks for inputs! yup...I tried lati yellow tops and they fit just are correct with the bottoms, i need to find something baggy or flowy...