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Dollmore]Black Pabianne Hwi Ki & Neel

Dec 23, 2006

    1. "Hi~! Lovely Dollmore customer~^^

      There are two fantastic Hwi Ki & Neel have been released

      with her name \"Pabianne\" which means the small moon or masic Moon.

      She seem to show the mysterious magical powers at any moment

      as shown in her pictures,,

      Besides, her odd eyes, face-up on white face and black outfit set heighten the mysterious looks.

      They are limited worldwide to just 5 EA ^^

      << organization >>

      - White skin head with face-up
      - White skin body
      - Odd eyes, black straight long wig
      - black shoes, coffin carrage bag, box, cushions, COA
      - outfit full set (Bolero,1 Bustier, 2 Bustier, Skirt, Choker,
      Stocking, Drawers, Gauze-sleeved, Hats, Legs-decoration -total 10 EA) "

      just got this email. They're both pretty... I like their lips.