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:DOLLMORE BODY QUESTION: - Can you please help me with my DIM girl???

May 8, 2007


      Hello everybody! Need your advise once more!!!

      I would like to change my Marianne's body , a long time now, since it doesn't fit me very well, I need something more posable and restringing doesn't work for me that much since I'm not that good in that kind of customizing! So I'm going to sell her current DIM body soon and I'm looking for the best body for my girl! Some time ago I was into the new DOC body but there is a difference in the neck measurements , Marianne's neck size is 7,3 cm while DOC is 6,8 and I wasn't that sure of what to do!

      So can you help me with this?
      Which bodies would fit DIM Marianne measurements and resin color???

      Here is a pic of my darling!


      And these are her DIM Body measurements!

      - Skin type : Normal Skin
      - Circumference of Head :18cm
      - Height: 44cm
      - Circumference of Neck 7.3cm
      - Circumference of Bust : 18.2cm
      - Circumference of Shoulder : 6.8cm (including shoulder:8.5cm )
      - Circumference of waist 13.2cm
      - Circumference of Hip: 19cm
      - Foot size : 5.6cm

      Thank you very much!!!:aheartbea
    2. sorry I don't know a lot about DIM dolls. i did a search and some people said that DIM had changed their resin color. if your doll is more of a yellow-toned resin, people said Custom House was a great resin match. I know that the new Custom House matches the new Lati color nicely. Lati blue body.

      if she is the pink skintone, try the souldoll body.

      if you're looking for an MSD sized doll with boobs, the souldoll body might be a good size match. Lati bodies are Unoa sized and are more petite and slim, even though they are are the same height.

      Lati's website says that blue girls have a 7cm neck circumference and according to the Souldoll website their's is the same size.

      I don't know if the 3mm size difference in the neck will make a huge difference. i guess you could always mod the head with a thin layer of clay.
    3. Your were so helpful dear sspearls!!! Actually my Marianne has a more pinky looking skin tone, at least that's what I think, you see the lighting might complicate things a bit! Hmm I'll have a look in the souldoll bodies , forgot to check those!
      I can still accept more suggestions of course, maybe some of you might have changed your Mariannes bodies too and can helop me!!! I guess I prefer to find abody that won't look shiny like the current body...I prefer bambicrony and hound type of resin...hmmmm

      Thank you a lot sspealrs!!!<333

    4. I'll be receiving a DIM marianne very soon and I own both body types of soulkid so I can test the bodies and take pictures if you want :)
    5. I also own a normal skin dollzone doll so I can check the resin color for comparison too :)
    6. Chibikarin you're the best!!! Thank you very much for this!! I would really love to see some pics, the souldoll body seems nice , some pics will help me decide!!!

      Thanks <3333
    7. By the way what do you guys think of the dollmore kid body??? The measurements are very close...the hands bent twice,hmmm would it look good on Marianne...I wonder
    8. When I had my DIM Odelia and DM Rosee Asha I switched the heads to see what it would look like and the Odelia head fit very well, the skin tone was so close it was hard to tell the difference, and head sat nicely on the neck.
      I dont have any pics unfortunately as I only did it to see how she would look...and unfortunately a DM head does not sit too well on a Dim body..it sort of teeters on the top of the neck.

      hope this helps
    9. It helps a lot cat dancer thank you!!! Actually before I made this thread I had a look in DM and found the Kid DM body really nice, it's abit close to the DIM body when it has to do with posability but it obviously looks more stable and has more character as it looks to me. So if there is no other even better option for me, I guess I'll pick that one! It's in between woman-child and that suits right my Marianne, better than her original body! I'm really happy that the resin colors match so nice and that there's absolutely no problem withe the neck thing!!! Thank you very very much catdancer!!!
    10. also I have to say that out of all of them, my Asha was the best standing doll..I even have pics of her standing unaided in high heel boots...out of all of my dolls I sold this year, I miss her the most.:(
    11. Yeah I can figure that she's very stable form the pics in the site...I'm really sad to hear that you had to let her go...but at least she's not limited, I mean you can have one whenever you like again, right? Of course it won't be the same as the one you had before but that's how it goes with our hobby, there's nothing we can do sometimes. Cheer up!!!As I read from your signature you have many beautiful dollies!
    12. Allrighty , decided to sell the DIM body in hope to make the money for a new one! Thank you very much all of you for your precious help!!!

      *hugssss & kisses*
    13. I have a DIM Odelia and I am having the same problem you are with standing and posing. I restrung her but that didn't help at all. I had to take jewlers wire and run it threw her legs and arms...her torso still won't sit right. Let my know if the new body works out for you I might have to look into getting one.:)
    14. No problem rikki_mew_chan!! I'll take lots of pics once it's here, I' waiting for a member here to tell me if she can sell me hers, otherwise I'm gonna order from Dollmore site! I'll let you know!!!

      Can I ask a Dollmore question now, the type of resin of the DM kid girl body is the shiny type or the type of resin like hound, or bambicrony that looks matt?
    15. My girl is kind of shiny, but I blushed and sealed her to get rid of that. My girl is... I would venture to say at most a year old. I'm her second owner, so I'm not sure. They may have changed it by now. Dollmore resin is VERY pale, though, and apparently kind of peachy, but less saturated than Soul Doll resin. That's secondhand information, though. My girl is more of a yellow color, but that could be from age, and they could have changed the resin with the new bodies.
    16. Oh so Dollmore bodies have been renewed? Hmm I have to ask the girl I'm buying the DM body if it's an old or a new one 'cause if it's yellowish then it won't match my girl's resin color!

      Thank you very much for the information dear lady_chance!!! <333

      Anybody with a new or not too old Dollmore kid body to help us a bit more?
    17. My dim marianne arrived today so I'll try to take pictures of her on the two soulkid bodies today :)
    18. I've got a new Aidan boy and a DIM Jeremy head from January. The resin match is so close that I'm considering saving up for a DM girl body for the head. New DM resin is a nice pinky color, and is pretty matte.
    19. My doll was slightly shiny when I first got him, too, but I after a couple of cleanings and a spray of Testor's he got a beautiful finish. Same with a second DM body I bought, too. They are a very pale color, not quite rosy or yellow. They pose super duper, especially when brand new. The arms have double joints so the doll can touch its face and do other similar cool things. They also have a bigger range of movement in the torso than my other dolls.
    20. I didn't try her head on the older soulkid body because it attaches differently than the newer one (the resin was very different in color so this probably isn't a good match)
      Pardon the wonky eyes