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Dollmore Christmas Shipping Event: Free Shipping over $300

Nov 29, 2008

    1. Hi~~ Dollmore customer ^_^

      Christmas is coming,

      At the Dollmore, to thank you for giving Dollmore your love,

      we offer Events - Free shipping & Surprise gift~!!

      Event 1. During the Christmas season,

      customers who buy over $300 USD can take a free shipping.

      Event 2. All customers will get a Christmas Gift

      as put into a red lucky bag, based on the total purchase amount~!!!

      The contents of gift will be randomly shipped out~ ^^

      * From 29th, Nov to 31th, Dec.

      Details here!

      Now we can get our dolls that are under $800 with free shipping! :D
    2. Has anyone placed an order? Why the shipping fees still came in when I checked out with a 300+ order?
    3. Yep, I placed an order this morning and had the same thing. Went back and in the note section mentioned the Christmas FREE shipping so sure hope they don't charge it. I ordered Bella Audin so we will see.
    4. Dollmore's cart never automatically extracts the shipping charge from eligible orders. Instead, they will send you a Paypal invoice minus the shipping charge. I don't know why it's done that way but it is.
    5. In case if anyone had same problem like mine :)
      Dollmore's check out system has weight limitation. So if you are ordering large quantity, you will need to separate orders and ask them to combine them for you. :)
    6. Some advice a friend gave me for when you add a new item to the shopping cart and then your shopping cart ends up empty except for the last item you added:
      1) Remove the last item you added. (it should be the only thing in your shopping cart)
      2) Add something that was in the original list of things in your shopping cart.
      3) All the things that were in your shopping cart before the glitch should be back. You only need to remove 1 piece of the item you added in step 2, because you'll now have one extra.
      4) Make a separate order for the other items you want.

      I've made a discussion thread if anyone would like to talk about the event.
    7. If you buy $300+ worth of stuff, do you get free shipping AND the lucky bag? Or is the lucky bag only up to $300?
    8. I think you will get a gift for any amount but how good it will be is depending on how much you spent