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Dollmore clothes on AOD bodies?

Apr 1, 2008

    1. Hey all,
      I've just ordered my AOD Chen some clothes from Dollmore, when I reminded myself of Chen's stupidly long legs, big ass, and... um... generous endowment. :doh

      I'm now worried that I've just spent loads on clothes that aren't going to fit well. Does anyone have any pics of AOD dolls in Dollmore clothes? I'd love to see 'em if you do!

      Thanks =]

      ETA: DOA Gods, if this needs moving, modding or merging please do so. I think I put it in the right place, but maybe it should have been in the pic requests bit. I dunno...
    2. What I usually assume is if a company has their own mini, then their clothes are probably made to fit their own mini, with a bit of room and/or stretch depending on the outfit. Since you can usually see the outfit modeled on one of their own dolls, you have some idea if there is room.

      So some guesses...

      Looking at the measurements below, AOD's chest is 1.5cm larger, waist the same, hips 1/2 cm larger. That's not too bad unless you bought a non-stretch tightly fitted top. No info about Dollmore shoulder width - tops could be narrow in the shoulders. AOD's hips are a bit larger - if the Dollmore slacks have no room in the hips they may not close on AOD. No leg length is given for Dollmore boys but Dollmore is 2.5cm shorter in height. Dollmore slacks seem to usually be made a bit long so they bag at the ankle in their photos, so maybe they would be long enough - I don't know. Shoes will probably work though could be a bit wide on AOD if he has narrow feet. (Unless the AOD foot measurement is wrong like the girl's apparently is).

      AOD Male Measurements:
      Height:46 cm
      Circumference of head:18.5 cm
      Circumference of neck:7.5 cm
      Shoulder width:10 cm
      Length of arm:13.5 cm
      Waist:15.5 cm
      Hips:19 cm
      Length of leg:24 cm
      Circumference of thigh:11 cm
      Circumference of calf:8.5 cm
      Length of foot:6 cm

      Kid Dollmore boy:
      * height : 43.5cm
      * Circumference of Head : 18.5cm
      * Circumference of bust : 17.5cm
      * Circumference of waist : 15.5cm
      * Circumference of hips : 18.5cm
      * eye size : 16mm or 18mm
      * Foot size : 6.0cm
      * wig size : 7-8 inch

      And here is the AOD mini discussion thread:
    3. Thank you, my main concern is the leg length, which of course they don't say... Ah well, I'll have to wait for them to get here. Thanks again!
    4. I happen to have a Chi named Phoenix and I buy a lot of Dollmore clothes. All of the clothes fit him well inc' shoes. Sorry no pics as of yet.
    5. Dollmore clothes fit AOD bodies pretty well. =3= You have nothing to worry! (:
    6. did you know if they would also fit girl aod bodies?
    7. ninive, as far as I know there are some very nice photos of AoD girls wearing Dollmore clothes. Unless you pick something extremely tight-fitting, I think you should be OK )