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Dollmore Dean

Jan 11, 2006

    1. I searched but couldn't find anyway - people who own a Dollmore Dean, or who own a dollmore in general, what do you think of their quality? I have a friend who's thinking of getting a dollmore but isn't sure and wants to know about their quality in general.

      Thank you!
    2. I own a Dean. I love him very much, he is my baby. But I would not recommend to someone to buy one.
    3. I have the Dollmore Amos and I love him to death. He stands beautifully, I had heard with problems with other peoples stringing but I lucked out. THe only problem I would say is that his head isn't quite 8/9, so wigs are a little loose but that can be fixed with some velcro. I'm really in love with my Amos and dealing with Dollmore was easy, they'll still do custom face-ups so I would reccomend buying one.
    4. I love my Orlando Joey to bits, but the screw thing in his his left wrist comes off easily +_+" So now his hand is detached until I get something to pull out the string XD

      Maybe it's only him X3
    5. I have two Dollmore dolls, Dean and Ray and both are excellent quality. Ray is the BEST poser I have in my family.
    6. Why wouldn't you reccomend someone to buy him?
    7. I have a version one Dean, who had quite a few problems with his body & hands (much too small).

      Good points--lovely body sculpt, good posing through the elbows (can bend smaller than 90 degrees) & shoulders.

      Bad--problems with all joints of the legs, spinning, no locking or even friction to hold them in place.

      I sueded his body with pliver, & it has fixed all his posing problems. Add his replacement hands (purchased from & different company & not matching closely in tone, but much better hands) & Baltazar is good to go.
      Heck, he's good to go ballroom dancing; his posing with sueding is that good.

      Dollmore has since fixed the problems I had with the 'adam' body--better joints, better hands.

      If I were to buy a 60cm Dollmore boy tomorrow, he'd be Dry, and not another Dean, but that's because I like a variety. I'm not shipping Baltazar off any time soon.

      Ann in CT
    8. I'm getting really excited about being able to purchase Dry, and it's nice to hear all of your opinions about Dollmore dolls. Thank you~!
    9. i'm incredibly happy with my Dollmore Dry, insanely in love, i think; the resin is smooth and has a lovely surface, translucent & naturally pale. i don't think he's coated though as i only got his face-up done, not body blushing, but he came thoroughly sanded and soft all over. he also came with a spare set of smaller hands, i've still got his stock on though.

      all the odd stuff i've shot of him doing so far is with his stringing as it was out of the box. he stands patiently, holds things, i'm happy with his balance and stability. might suede him just to make him perfect, but i'm not in any rush.

      after seeing other shots of one DOT enormous thigh and hearing that other companies are really hit or miss with resin and casting quality, and getting a Luts boy, pretty as he may be.... i'm an even huger Dollmore fan. next doll would be an Amos.

      oh, and when they say "in stock" they mean it - amazingly fast shipping.
    10. I have Dollmore Dean and dollmore AMOs. I love them both,but I do agree with Ann in Ct,they need to be sueded. MY boys legs spin like crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Their resin is beautiful and both mine have factory faceups that are quite lovely. My dollmore AMos is the first BJD i ever owned. I went to a meetup and fell in love. He came home with me! He is my moody child.
    11. He is one of the first Deans with the small hands et cetera. He also seems "plasticky" when compared with other BJDs. But he does have a lovely faceup and we have lots of fun confusing non-doll people (and some doll people!) about his gender. I would not recommend him because, even though I love him; if I had the chance to go back in time I would not order him-I would probably go with Customhouse, Luts or Volks (not necessarily in that order).
    12. o_O My Orlando Joey's right leg kinda spins too XD!
    13. My Dean is one of the older ones too, and he was floppy and spinning until he got wired. Now he's quite stable and holds a pose very well. I also changed out his girly original hands for a new set that comes with the newer Dollmore boys. They look a whole lot better than the originals.

      It's funny, but Dean was a doll that had to grow on me. I bought him strictly because I needed a model for commissions in that size, and I got him very reasonably on the secondary market. I really wasn't nuts for him at first, but with some enhancing, and time, I have really grown to love him a whole lot.

      Just for fun, a pic of my Adrien admiring his new hands