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[Dollmore] Dear Doll :D

Sep 10, 2010

    1. They are cute, the girl looks quite like a small Lusion dolly :aheartbea

      I can see all the measurements except the overall height, any one know what size they are?
    2. wow they are cute l like the boy l wonder what the size is as well.
    3. They are 30cm, they state it in the shoe section. I think they'd look very cute as Narsha's baby sister/brother :)
    4. They are cute, very Dollmore style :)

      But the fact there's not a single photo of them with their arms straight makes me slightly suspicious. Like they are hiding something about the joints or proportions >_<

      When their clothing line comes out, I'm sure there will be more photos of them there to put my mind at rest :P
    5. They are cute but I'm looking forward to the clothes more. My Lati Greens and Yos might be able too wear them
    6. They're both adorable, but I especially like the girl~

      I'm also looking forward to the clothes ^_^
    7. Clothes for me too, according to the measurements, the clothes and shoes should fit LittleFees too. :D Which is great, because I'm planing to get one and was worried about clothes and shoes. Yay, finally tiny doll clothes from Dollmore!
      The shoes might be a touch snug on LTFs since the Dear Dolls' feet are 1mm shorter, and the waists will be loose since there is a 1.2cm difference, the Dear Dolls being wider in the waists.
      The jointing design in the chest is pretty interesting (I had a pretty similar idea for a doll I was sculpting... pretty soon it's going to look like I don't have any original ideas :XD: ) Triple jointed.
      From the measurements, the arms seem a little on the long side though... only a 2.5cm distance from the tips of their fingers to their feet.

      And since this is the first page, this might help people:
      Dollmore Dear Doll
      Height: 30cm
      Head C: 17cm (6/7" wigs)
      Eyes: 12mm
      Neck C: 6cm
      Shoulders: 6.5cm
      Chest C: 13.5cm
      Waist C: 13cm
      Hip C: 14.5cm
      Shoulder to Fingertip: 10.5cm
      Shoulder to foot: 13cm
      Hip to foot: 11cm
      Foot: 3.7cm

      (C.= Circumference)
    8. Thanks prysm for the size and l agree l would like to see what clothes they come with.
    9. The individual product page said the height was 26.5cm, so is the doll 30cm including the head or something? o.o

      Both looks cute! And I agree with babytarragon, very dollmore style~ :D

      P/S: I just noticed they cost the same as a DM kid. but that body just looks amazing~ o.o
    10. I think they are very sweet!! I can't wait to see owner photos! :)
    11. Wow they are adorable, particularly the girl~ but like a lot of other people are saying&#8230; Clothes!! :fangirl: Looks like a great match for Yo sized dollies~ love those bodies a lot, the joints look great!
    12. I was impressed with the chest joint too!! I didn't like it so much when I first saw it but it gets cuter!

      Oh! And this also means Dollmore Yo size wigs and shoes! Hopefully they won't cost a fortune.
    13. Eagerly waiting to see Yo size wigs, clothes and shoes! XD
    14. wow, I really love these dolls!! I can't decide whether I like the boy or girl best. I wonder how long it will be before clothes are available?
    15. So cute.I like Bomi Girl :D
    16. An email I just received from Dollmore state the height at 26.5 which makes sense as they fit the YoSd stuff then whereas my Lati Green at 30cm is harder to dress.
    17. hey guys they have the clothes for them on there site l was just there and some of them l may get. They is a pair of shoes that l may get as well.
    18. Oh dear...want! *sigh*
    19. Such cute clothes! I really love the "Timeold" sets ;_;