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Dollmore discontinuing sales of Dolkot Dolls!?!

Apr 11, 2007

    1. I just read on Dollmore's website what they're no longer selling Dolkot dolls "owing to various circumstances" Anyone know why? Dollndoll is the only other distributor I know about though they haven't posted anything about discontinuing their sales yet. And Dolkot's website is all in korean so I'm not sure if there is anything in their news about it either. Ugh just when I was flipping back and forth between getting a Hara doll...
    2. :? Not a clue where this came from.
      Crap, this sucks. I was all giddy because Jee finally put up the Kiss Moon heads I had been asking for, and now that I have the $, they are not availible. Not happy at all with this news.
      Dolkot better have their English site up soon or else... :roar
    3. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! (T__________T)

      Thank goodness I ordered my Kiss early. But I love Dollkot dolls and their style of headmolds... :( Abel/Avel is absolutely gorgeous too.

      I wonder what is happening, I hope Dollkot itself is not disappearing. *_*
    4. Oh god, don't even say that... :...(

      (Sorry, going through a stressful postal experience only to discover this..!)
    5. Dolkot is still available from Dollndoll's English site http://dollndoll.com :)

      They don't sell just heads though.

    6. O.O This was definately a surprise. I wonder why Dollmore and Dolkot aren't getting along. I never really thought about competition and enemies in the doll community, but I certainly hope that isn't the case here.

      I'm glad there's still an english site that sells Dolkot! *goes to stare at HaRa*
    7. Maybe it's just a temporary stop in sales while Dolkot redesigns their body. One can hope anyway.
    8. Maybe Dollmore is hiding something AGAIN... I know that last time they stopped selling something was because Dollmore stole the sculpt for the model boy bodies from Dollshe, so who knows, maybe they've done something else regretably.
    9. Wow something like that has happened before? How suspicious! :o
    10. I was about to say something along similar lines. All I know is that Dollmore did do this exact same thing back when the issue between Dollshe occured. I seriously hope it is not a circumstance like with Dollshe.
    11. Yes it was a HUGE scandal that happened sometime last october

      I hope not either, then again Dollmore sells more dolls from other companies than from their actual collection. Maybe they are trying to cut down on different companies to see if they will still make the same amount of money @_@
    12. I would prefer it if it was that scenario that was painted out :)

      It just makes me sad to see so much conflict in the doll world :<
    13. I took a look at dolkot's korean website and they haven't annouced that they are closing or redesigning or anything.
    14. I totally agree. I'm still pretty new to this hobby so to learn of scandal is pretty disheartening. :(
    15. I hope it is just them trying to focus more on their own products. With the newer Models coming out like Mellow Cole, it may be the case.
    16. this makes me sad cuz I was hoping to get a Make v8 Loon. :( I've been eyeing that boy forever! -_-;;;

      I checked out DollnDoll, but they dont have a wide selection like Dollmore does. Maybe with DM's new tanned doll line, Dollmore needs to cut back with distributing dolls. Or maybe their new tanned line looks similar to Dolkot? I dont know about the Dollmore scandal that happened, but I hope the case is lack of funds, so they decided to stop selling Dolkot. :(
    17. My guess is that it was probably issues with communication or recieving orders. Reason being, I ordered a DK Hara from dollmore over two months ago, and Dolkot kept changing their shipping dates, not sending the right things, and changing their minds on what they were doing in the first place. In the course of over two months, my doll was delayed 6 times; and I know Dollmore were probably getting some serious complaints about the Dolkot order delays from other people. Perhaps it was costing them business. Dolkot was giving everyone the runaround.
    18. That is what I've heard from other Dolkot ordering-people, I doubt it has anything to do with any assumed nefarious activity on behalf of Dollmore. Dollmore probably doesn't want to deal with a company that cannot keep its production schedules straight.

    19. I hope that miscommunication is the case, however now that I've heard that Dolkot runs business in an untimely manner, I'm quite disappointed!
    20. Oh no ...
      ... I know that I can order from DollnDoll but I've herad that DollnDoll do NOT agree to lower the package value and to mark it as a gift ...
      .... anyone knows something more about shipping from DollnDoll ?

      And I won't be able to pay such a horrible duty tax ...
      *cries *

      I hope that Dolkot open their English website soon !