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Dollmore - Doll Restock

Aug 20, 2004

    1. This thread is for posting Dollmore doll restocks. When you post, please provide the name of the doll or optional part that has been restocked as well as a direct link if possible.

      Please ONLY post updates to this information, rather than chat or discussion. For the News Forum posting rules, click here.
    2. Just some information for those interested...

      Dollmore's reply
      hi~ customer^_^

      first, thanks for your interest.^^

      yes, Bella's boy friend will be listed on Dollmore site sooner or later.^^
      and I'll also add Lie's body pictures after in stocking.

      thanks a lot.
      Dollmore Jee.

      My sister's original letter:

      hello jee mon!!

      i see you are producing girl dolls which are 70 cm in height... they are
      lovely! but will you be making boy dolls in 70 cm size as well? if you are i
      think it would be great!! i would definitely be buying your tall boys!
      because i am bored of hounds and dollshe dolls being the only tall ones :)

      also, i am interested in your Nobility Lie killer doll -->
      http://dollmore.net/shop/step1.php?number=1760 can we please have more
      pictures showing his body naked? a lot of people in the doll forum are
      asking this, they want to buy but not sure because they have not seen the
      body yet.

      Thank you so much for your attention!
    3. wow this is an interesting size for a boy. The only doll I can think of in this scale would be Happydoll Junior.

      are there any other 57cm boys around?

      very sweet, maybe he'd be a good scale to be a bit younger than a SD size doll? quite useful for characters I should think.

      It says '* He isn't available with any SD boy bodies.
      His body size is between SD and MSD sized dolls.' So I'm presuming that means you can't do head swapping..
    4. any more news on the boys?
    5. In response to one of my queries on the subject, Jee replied that their model boy is going to be more muscular than Dollshe boys. And will pose just as well as their model girl. Really looking forward to seeing him. She also said that regretfully his release is running a bit later than they had hoped.
    6. Additional Info (I asked Dollmore and this is what they told me)...

      The doll will be 75 cm
      He will have western, masculine physique
      He might be released in July
    7. Do Bella and Ipsae's feet feet normal girl shoes? If they do than maybve the new boy (name yet) will be the same. If not, I hope there's a good shoe source.
    8. Unfortunately not. The Model girls feet are much bigger. Dollmore have limited stock but I managed to get some that fit from Audrey's Dolls. She has some amazing fashion shoes with heels but I recommend ones that have a 'sling back' rather than a covered in heel as these girls do not have 'high heel' feet.
    9. Any more news on the Dollmore Model boy? I have been searching the site for weeks now and wondering if Mr Jee will post him as a 'pre-order' as he did for Bella.

    10. I have just received this email from Dollmore regarding 'Model Boy'. Still not saying much. I was also interested in Dollshe 'Van' who only appears on the Luts site right now.

      HAHA.. YES. Dollshe Van will be released on Dollmore site soon.
      he is being worked for make-up and photos.^^

      75cm Model boy will be also relesed soon.
      but I cann't say the exact date. rally sorry.^^;;;

      thanks for your interests~!!!!!
      Dollmore Jee.
    11. What a neat steal! Dollmore is offering a Doppel Asha head (boy/girl) with four types of ears as shown here:



      How cute are those mermaid ears? You could even use them as dragon ears, too. :aheartbea You can even have makeup added. So darling.
    12. Yeah, that's pretty old news. ^^;
    13. Seventy-FIVE cm boy? Ooh, this should be exciting! x3 Bumping this up! The release date was predicted July, but they told us there were delays, it's come and gone, and it's nearly August now! I hope they release it soon! >3<
    14. Anyone have any "insider" updates on this boy? LOL
    15. Hyon at Dollmore USA has one in stock in the US if anyone is interested in her. It might save some shipping costs!
    16. Thanks Gayle but the one in the US stock is sold.
      Dollmore Korea sold out of both Black & Gold but there are very
      few reserved ones by DollmoreUSA are available to order.
      They sold out in Korea within a week when they were introduced.