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Dollmore Dollpires - Glamor boy Victor Lou & Model girl Amelia Lecc

Feb 2, 2009

    1. I showed them to my husband and the first thing he said was "Heck No!!" I already had 3 nightmares about my Delphine biting me in my back and sucking the blood out so she had to go. No way will I try to get anymore vampire dolls, even tho they are sexy*_*
    2. I love Dollmore dolls, and I love vampire dolls! I was hoping Dollmore would do another vampire doll, but something seems to be a little off with Victor. Is it just me or does his head appear a little small for that new Glamour Model body?

      And $666 for their price. That gave me a chuckle!
    3. i think the $666 price was intentional. I didn't like the vampire girl too much O_O
    4. I'm not really a huge fan of em...Look kinda weird imo ^^;;; Though I'm not a huge fan of vampires...

      I'm sorry derilan I kind of lol'd a bit at your story :'D But considering I've done that too in relation to freaky looking dolls I can't talk.
    5. I ordered the boy. I actually really like this pair, even though I'm not big into vamps. They're weird looking, but I like it.
    6. Flurryofdancingflames-:lol:Yeah it is funny now I think about it, but I don't think me and Delphine bonded, that's okay she's going to Germany tomorrow to a nicer home. I just hope she does not bite the new owner in the back either....what is up with these vampire dolls anyway?? They are no Twilight characters that's for sure;)
    7. Oh I love the male vampire, but the teeth look so small. I probably won't be getting them despite my great love of vampires as I already have a resident vampire hehe!
    8. They're kind of odd looking, but they're not too bad. I think their Vampire Ball dolls were a lot prettier, though. At first, I thought the girl was another guy. XD Then I looked again and realised, oh, wait, I see cleavage. XP
      Ah, well, at least these are proper vampires, yeah?
    9. These two are interesting I have to admit. They look like they are wearing halloween vampire teeth. My fangs I bought at a costume shop make my mouth look like theirs! :B
    10. All vampires = good vampires, I have to say I love the silliness of these two.
    11. Is it just me or do You think too that the boy looks way too alive? They should have chosen a makeup that does not look so healthy and orange. In my opinion the makup on the girl is much better, more blue and violet toned.
    12. Eh? Where does it say that all vampires have to dead? Personally I thought his coral lips are very pretty...and really odd but not because they make him look alive. It looks like something a woman would wear, all glistening subtly and glossed precision.

      I also really like the teeth. They don't look like accidents, like the artist forgot to smooth the mouth and left little bits of clay behind. Which is what I think of when I see other vampire heads.
    13. I like vampires...
      However, I do find these two very strange having their fangs showing with their mouths closed...
      Reminds me more of saber-tooth tiger than vampire....:sweat
    14. I personally do not like vampire dolls nor so much of elven dolls. I think these are rather odd looking but neat at the same time. I can say though, I REALLY like how they did their fangs for some reason. I think it's just different from the typical fangs pressed down on the lips thing (i.e Look at CP/LUTS).

      Other than that, I think Dollpire is a cute name for these dolls. I laughed a good bit on the inside when seeing the price was $666.
    15. I really want the boy. I think the price is intentional. In fact, I am salivating over the guy, wish me luck! Hehe:)
    16. The sensuality of Amelia appeals to me. I love the full lips and her overall faceshape, as well as the makeup job Dollmore did with her. But sadly a vampire doll will not fit into my universe. If they realeased a non-vamp version of her, I'd probably jump at it.
    17. The gory pics are awesome, and the dead girl LOL They are a little odd looking in those pics.
    18. I really like the vampires. I'm thinking of purchasing them.
    19. I've had Dollpire Victor Lou for awhile now and I adore him. I have to say when I first got him and he had his default wig, I feared I'd made a mistake. I just didn't see the vampire I thought I was getting. But then I got the long-g straight wig from Soom in black and blue hair and he looks SO gorgeous now. It's amazing what a wig can do. :) And I just ordered the Dollpire clawed vampire hands off Dollmore for him yesterday and I really think they will look so great. He IS a strange looking vampire, but I think that's what is good about him. His 'skin' look so smooth and real. He's not your classic bone white color you would think of for vampires, but he comes out very light looking, especially in pictures. More so than the Dollmore photos. I also gave him grey eyes which I like better than the red pupils. There's a pic in my photo album on here.