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[Dollmore]Elf Mio & Chami - LE15 each~!

Apr 30, 2010

    1. Hi~ Dollmore customer ^_^

      << Youth Dollmore Eve - Elf Mio - LE15 >>

      << Youth Dollmore Eve - Elf Chami - LE15 >>

      The sight of her emanates a curious mystique...

      Can't take my eyes off her ..whispering something in my ear..

      Here is a mythical world of elves..

      She has an attractive face-up that finished in detail

      It is limited worldwide to just 15 pieces. ^^


    2. EDIT : K understand they do NOT come with Elf ears !! only elf like makeup.
    3. It's only the face-ups that are limited.
    4. Jee Mon (d011d011@yahoo.com) of Dollmore, replied to my email inquiry about the ears:

      "The have got the normal human ears. ^^
      thanks for your interest~
      Dollmore JEE =))"