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Dollmore Eve - Biwol

Nov 2, 2011

    1. Oh crap. I love the new Eve!! I think she might make a better Isis than Fine does D:
      I might have to buy her head and find out which one is better.

      D: D: D:
    2. The new girl is really pretty! I wasn't sure I liked her in the top promo photos, but as I scrolled down I was wowed! Love her eyes and sad expression.
    3. I'm not sure about her yet... I hope someone gets her so we can see owner pictures ! :)
    4. The new girl, Biwol, looks so pretty! Dollmore faceups are hit and miss, but this time they did a great job - and besides that, I love her sculpting underneath. I wish I could paint her...some recent Dollmore sculpts have a lot of potential, but are underappreciated, I think.
    5. Biwol is so beautifully melancholy. Guh, x_x I'm not supposed to be adding to my dolly wishlist.
    6. Her head is available for separate purchase? I may have to get one too! I did'nt see it in the parts section...
    7. SHe`s such a beauty ! I wish I could get her (I just orderd another doll , and now I have to wait at least 6 months to order my next in order to not be overwhelmed) . When I first saw her top pictures , I wasn`t sure about her , but seeing her in the other 2 wigs made me fall in love . Tha face up isn`t really my type of face up , but the sculpt is just lovely . I hope someone buys her soon , because I would love to see some owner pics .
    8. Ha I lurked in to see if someone is going to order her too XD

      Anyway I totally adore her! :aheartbea

      I might get her as soon as I have money, but this gonna be in spring first :(
    9. Oh gad, I just saw this girl today and absolutely love her. I have to have one. I have three dolls on layaway at the moment and should not be adding anyone to my wishlist. She's next, after these others get here.

      Edit: Decided to pay the others off early so I could order her from Fabric Friends and Dolls (authorized DM agent in Maryland). She should be here in a couple of months. If anyone else gets her first, please post a photo. :)
    10. linakauno Im glad you ordered her so we can see pics yay!!!
    11. I've been looking at her on the Dollmore website. She really has the most expressive face. I think she has great possibilities. I also like that her eyes are small; she might be a good choice to be a companion for my Saint who should arrive at some point this spring (or summer, or sometime). He has that endearing pissed-off look and she looks concerned. I ordered her without a faceup, so I'll have some time to decide who she will be later. I sometimes have a perverse desire to paint and dress dolls against type. She looks so sweet...perhaps she really isn't at all.
    12. I don't know if I'd be into BJDs at all if I hadn't seen Biwol. Out of the whole page of pictures on Dollmore's front page I spotted her and was just like, "Oooh! That one that one can we look at that one?" (On my sis's computer, looking with her.) I fully intend her to be my first doll. The melancholy, yet almost hopeful look she has really calls to me right now with the personal issues I'm dealing with.
    13. My Biwol should be here soon. I'll post photos when she arrives.
    14. Please do! I look forward to seeing owner pictures and how other styles might look, and of course what else they sent you!
    15. i love this girl too!! i can't wait to see owner photos of her. =)