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Dollmore Eve Chami Discussion

Jul 19, 2007

    1. Yes, she really is lovely. She reminds me of a grown up Momo, she looks very similar around the eyes.
    2. I really love her...her innocence, and her hint of naughtiness...she's the perfect Lolita!

      I definitely want her instead of the Claudia Neel I originally planned to buy.
    3. Oh wow!! She's gorgeous!!

      I was wondering when dollmore would create a doll that I couldn't resist...*sigh*
    4. Wow I really didn't expect her to come along! She's beautiful!
    5. Oh how pretty! She looks like... SoulDoll Clara's naughty little sister. :lol:
    6. I really, really like her. o_o
      I was a bit surprised, she's very pretty.
    7. I really like her! She would make a great little sister to my Misha DM Lilis Liv). Too bad there are just too many beautiful dolls on the market nowadays. Otherwise I might have bought her.
    8. oh no, I like her way too much ; . ; she would be a perfect older sister for my Lilou. argh

      sooo pretty :aheartbea
    9. I can decide between her and Larme >.< They're both goregous :aheartbea
    10. Sana, not to interfere with this thread--but who is that adorable girl in your avatar? Are there pictures of her somewhere?
    11. She is very very beautiful.... my eyes have finally left Kurumi (at least for a while) >3< I love her lips & her slightly dreamy eyes <3
    12. Petsha I think ^^
    13. she's so pretty ^^
    14. shhh I have a new thread here <3
    15. Nobody bought her yet? I really would love to see some owner photos :D
    16. She is really beautiful. I want to see owner photos too.
    17. Ohh, she's lovely. I love the shape of her nose and that slight pout of hers. X3
    18. She's definitely gonna come after Harin and Freezia in my collection. I fell in love with her at first sight.

      I can't wait to see owner pics.
    19. I really like this one the best of all in this size. Just browsing Dollmore last night and spotted her, oh and Harin too over Iple.

      There are too many dolls.