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Dollmore Eve Doll: IRENE

Jul 16, 2007

    1. Hi!

      I like very much Irene from Dollmore but I don't like the body she come's with. She looks like a pinhead because of her big head and skinny body. So I asked Dollmore if they can sell me just a head. For those who bought dolls from dollmore. I have a question for you. :) How's the resin quality? Does it yellow faster than dolls from Korea? Where can I find a body that could match her head resin color? I prefer long leg ones and not too skinny. :) Could you show me pics of your doll so I can see the resin color. Sorry if I ask too much I just wanted to make sure before I decide to include her in my want list :sweat

    2. Irene is actually by Sonkong, and not Dollmore, so I would doubt that they would sell you just the head, as they are only a distributor.
    3. I did by just a head from Dollmore. They were very sweet and friendly. (This was Dean.) However, his head was paired at Dollmore with the Youth Dollmore Adam body, as I think Rainman only made heads at that point. So maybe that's why they were willing to sell just the head.

      I would ask, though--they're very nice.
    4. I asked dollmore if they can sell me a head and I just read their reply.

      They say that they can't sell me a head. :(

      Does anyone knows Sonkong doll website?