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Dollmore Eve girls Claudia Neel & Hwi Ki discussion

May 28, 2006

    1. double post >_<
    2. I think I'm gonna be the guinea pig and get Hwi Ki...But, I'd have to sell Tian and Doreen...wittle my collection back down to two...need to think hard...also I wouldn't be able to get DD-Anne's Near.. I dunno how to decide! I guess I could get Near sometime later...
    3. I really want the Claudia--she's perfect for one of my characters, but I just ordered a doll, and won't be able to afford her for awhile.
    4. I really like Claudia; she's very regal, although she looks a teensy bit like she's got an "I need glasses" squint. But she actually does look like an aspiring classical pianist!

      I think you should go for it, babytarragon, if you're interested. I love my Dollmore girl (Lilis).
    5. thank you, I think I will... but, I feel a bit harsh selling dolls to buy another doll! but that's how it works really.. but I feel so harsh!
    6. Dollmore girls are so much love. <3 Zoe poses like a dream, and she's just so dainty and lovely.

      Hwi Ki is *really* tempting. >.< She has such a serene look.
    7. I just love claras expression
      saw her yesterday and she really caught my eye
      though I woudl custom her totaly different and certainly not with a sissy dress like that;)

    8. XDDDDDDDD good one:D :D (chuckles at tea cup on desk)

      she realy does but ,...dunno , her expression really caught my eye, she is perfect ofr a "character-to come" of mine..though it was not supposed to arrive until "the moon" does (not even ordered yet) this coming after I had decided from now on I would be a "mini" person...(after asuming I would never be able to get a mini F09 boy wich was my very first dreamdoll) right

      anyway her expression is just so mind piercing is&#180;nt it? my character would be totally different , and certainly not wearing any prissy sissy dresses, I guess a far more agressive personality

      ok this is it...I already have her style clearly in mind, personality and everything...this can&#180;t be good

      any way since she&#180;s just been released I guess it is to soon to start asking for pics on the BJD opedia is&#180;nt it? I just can&#180;t wait

      I wish there was a mini mold with a similar look on it&#180;s face
    9. I don't like them>.< Their eyes and noses ARE beautiful, but the mouths just seem too small and oddly positioned
    10. Hwi Ki! What a great name. I think she looks great, at least as far as I can tell from the oddly lit, washed out, slightly blurry pictures. I can only imagine that I'd like her more if I could see her properly.

      Assuming she actually looks that cool, I might have to make St. James buy her (right after she buys me an SD16 lad). XD
    11. I totally agree about her looks *_*

      I'm putting her on my want list ^^
    12. I just ordered Claudia and she should be shipped out within the week! I think she's gorgeous personally. Maybe it's because I wear glasses... I actually ordered her some sunglasses that look just like my glasses with transition lenses!