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Dollmore eyes.

Oct 5, 2006

    1. just got this and didn't see it anywhere else in the news section. :)

      "Hi~ customer ^_^

      Finally, Dollmore eyes are manufactured by Dollmore ourselves.^^

      so, you can buy variety of Dollmore eyes

      with good quality and high transparency in moderate prices.

      if you buy Dollmore eyes 2 pairs, you can recieve Gift 1 pair more.(random color, 16mm)

      * [Free- order] NEW Dollmore eyes will be shipped out on 30th, Oct.

      * The term of EVENT is by 30th, Oct.


      hope your lots of interests.

      thanks for your time.
      have a great day~! :D

    2. ar this glass or acrylic or what?
      sorry did not see it

      anyway the third pair free thing sounds great,
      in group orderes pepople will end up whith a whole lot of them XD
    3. i was wondering what they were made out of too. they kind of look silicone like MP and soom eyes or acrylic. i'd say acrylic based on the price though. i wish they had more sizes besides 16mm
    4. MysterAya, i 2nd the question too. TeaTime, do you know if dollmore will make any other sizes like 18mm, 20mm etc in the near time future?
    5. I think they're acrylic..
    6. I have absolutely no idea if they'll make other sizes since I'm just repeating an email. But I am fairly sure they're acrylic. Both from the price and the way they look.

      They seem to be rather neat acrylics, but acrylics non the less.... boy would I love 9 dollar glass or urethane eyes.... even if they did only come in 16mm... *drifts off into happy fantasy land* Don't get me wrong, expensive eyes are worth the price. But still.... *drools*
    7. I'm pretty sure the only ones part of the promotion are Dollmore's new acrylic eyes they make themselves.