Dollmore Fashion Doll Discussion

Jul 28, 2015

    1. Dollmore's Resin Fashion Doll line was made on-topic for DOA a while back, but it seems no one started a thread for them - so here it is!

      16 inch FMD (BJD)
      12 inch FMD (BJD) - (I'm guessing these are on topic too, if not I'll remove the link)

      Hopefully we can find out the kinds of clothes/eyes/wigs that work with these guys and girls!

      I recently got a Jeremy - he's a good size, big enough for some mini clothing, but his head is so small that a lot of it is just too bulky-looking for he's got some jeans and a sweater...that's about it! I'd love to see how Tonner clothing fits - I ordered one outfit and it's on the way. Shoes are good, I have one pair of Matt O'neil boots that fit. Though my DC Colin has them on now so Jeremy is still barefoot...XD
    2. Unfortunately, Tonner pants for the males tend to run short; my Jeremy and Essex suffer from the high-water problem when wearing the suits. (Darn those crazy-long Dollmore legs!) A shame, as Tonner uses beautiful fabrics and the clothes are well-detailed. That said, I'm basing my comment off of the pre-2006 clothes; I haven't bought any recently. Ditto for the Tonner shoes; my guys wear MSD shoes; Leekeworld used to have some nice styles that didn't look too childish.
    3. I recently acquired a Misia off the market place and am currently experimenting with fashion doll clothes on her :) This is what I've figured out so far when it comes to clothing the 16inch dollmore ladies.
      Urban vita dresses fit very well, they can be just a tiny bit tight in the waist but are otherwise perfect.

      Tyler wentworth shirts are very tight through the shoulders, pants fit but are short. Sleeveless dresses fit so long as they are not perfectly tailored to Tyler smaller waist. Dollmore's girls also have a slightly longer torso so Tyler leotards and one piece swimsuits must be stretchy to fit.

      Gene marshall dresses are to small in the waist if tightly fitted on gene. Sleeves are too short as are pants. Stocking do not fit right do to dollmore's much longer legs. Some outfits may be stretchy or loose enough to work but shop with caution.

      I plan on buying clothing made for Ellowyne Wilde, Evangeline Ghastley, Jamie show and even Sybarite (if I can afford it) to continue to test what fits. As far as shoes go both Tyler and Gene shoes have fit very well but Ellowyne shoes are to big and don't fit the foot arch. For wigs size 4-5 is usually perfect, with 3-4 being way to small and 5-6 to big. My misia is wearing 6mm resin eyes from the etsy store dreaming tree studio and they look and fit great. I'd definitely recommend them.

      Misia will most likely accompany me to BJDC in Austin this weekend so I'm hoping to pick up some stuff for her there:D
    4. So I bought/scrounged together a bunch of shoes to try on my model girl and these are the results.


      These shoes are from Paul Zhangby on ebay and were advertised as fitting Gene, Cami and Antoinette tonner dolls. They fit the Dollmore model doll high heel feet very well. The arch is not exact but the shoes stay on just fine and look good.

      These shoes are also from Paul zhangby on ebay, they were advertised as Tonner's fitting Ellowyn Wilde doll. They don't fit the Dollmore model feet that well at all. They are to big and the arch is a little to steep, her foot tends to hover over the sole instead of sitting flat on it. They do stay on but are not a good fit.

      These are official Gene Marshall fashion doll shoes. They are a little to long but the arch is near perfect. A very good fit!

      These are pink sling backs from Facets by Marcia. They are a little big but they stay on decently. A different style shoe may look better as the fit is not bad.

      And finally another pair by Paul Zhangby. these were made to fit The Sybarite Fashion doll thought the person who sold them to me said they did not even fit Sybarite correctly. As you can see the arch is way to steep! Looking at official sybarite shoes they all have very,very steep arches so I doubt any Sybarite shoes would be a good fit.

      I hope this comparison helps people find their dolls some nice shoes :D
    5. [MENTION=37541]-T2P-[/MENTION] wow that's a lot of shoes! Great info!
      But it brings a question to mind that I had been wondering then forgot - (I don't have a girl, hence the noobness) Do the girls only have high-heeled feet?
    6. that's good to know! I still have to figure out who my boy is, but I kind of already want a girl for him in the future....I'm glad there's an option for flat feet (and non-mag parts!)
    7. I just got my Essex a couple days ago. He's going to become my character Asher. I have to make his outfit and do his face up, but for now he's in the clothing Dollmore included when he shipped to me. Here he is next to my Pipos Minuet. Despite the major difference in noggin size, I don't think they look out of place next to each other, haha.

      I also did some mouth carving on him to get a smirk.
      [​IMG] [​IMG]
    8. I love the smirk your guy has chimera!

      I've been interested in one of the guys for a long time but I do worry he'd look out of place next to a msd girl (such as withdoll in
      particular.) Is it possible for any comparison pics before i take a plunge?
    9. I love the body sculpt on my FMD Misia, but I'm not liking her head sculpt at all. I might wipe the faceup (which looks very dark and scowling), but next to my JID boy, her head size is laughable. I currently have a Zinna head on the body, which I like better because the proportions are good, but I'm not a fan of the open mouth look. Has anyone else hybridized the FMD body (or head for that matter)? I lucked out in finding someone on the MP who was willing to split her Judith Doll so I could get the head with a faceup, but I don't know what other company skin tones work well with Dollmore's since it's so fair and pink. I want to keep her as my fashion plate since she can wear so many of the Tonner/16" Fashion doll clothes, but if I can't find a head sculpt that I like I might end up rehoming her..... :pout:
    10. I am honestly so in love with all of these dolls, I think for my next purchase I want to get one but I don't know which @[email protected]
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    11. @Kirahfaye

      I don't know finding a replacemental head would be pretty tough. Since these dolls are proportioned much more like fashion dolls the average msd sized head is going to be enormous on them. Most msd heads are oversized already so I can't see them looking right on this body.

      Maybe a head from one of the off topic resin fashion dolls would look allright? Like maybe sybarite or jamieshow or kingdom doll? Those heads might be hard to find separately but Proportionally I think they'd fair best.
    12. I have both 12" Kidult and Lucia dolls and one 16" Sara. Shoes are so hard to fi d and I am currently making clothes for both. Wigs are another nightmare too. All the nice ones are in larger sizes or frightfully expensive.

      Clothing for the 12" Kidult/Lukia you could try Fashion Royalty and Silkstone. Blythe is far too small in the bust, the same with Momoko clothing.

    13. Shoes for 16" Dollmore FBJD - Facets by Marcia has a LOT of shoes and boots. The best thing she has done is tried all the available styles on various 16" doll feet and has given her honest opinion on how they fit.
      Facets by Marcia - Fashion Doll Jewelry and Accessories
      On Ebay, look up paul_zhangby as they have shoes that will fit Barbie through to 16" and 22" dolls.

    14. Hi. I was thinking about getting one of the 16" males. If anyone has one, can you answer a few questions. What is the range of the knee joint, 90 degrees or more/less? Can he sit up straight? In the Dollmore website photos, there are lines around the hands and feet; are they connected by magnets or do they swivel?
    15. Not many post recently so thought I'd jump on. I have ordered a tattoo misia. I have always wanted a tattoo bjd. While I usually do the larger sized dolls, I have a lot of clothes and accessories for my older off topic fashion dolls from before I discovered BJDs. I am hoping this will bridge the two collections. It will be fun to play with this size doll again!
    16. [​IMG] I just received my Tattoo Misia. :sumomo: Her body and tattoos are gorgeous. I am feeling like her head is too small. I switched her to a Mika head sculpt but I believe Misia and Mika heads are the same size. Does anyone else feel this way about the head size?
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    17. @SunshineBlue, I agree with you about the Misia and Mika heads; they struck me as pinheady, so although I liked their faces, I ordered Sara, Yvonne, and more recently, Eya.

      Generally the Dollmore fashion dolls have a very fashion-sketch look, and in some of those the heads are small and the limbs exaggeratedly long, so Mika and Misia could be viewed that way.

    18. Thanks @beamlette. I almost got the Sara head instead of the Mika head. I'll have to get that one next.