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Dollmore french resin? Please help

Jul 10, 2008

    1. Ok so I have been thinking about getting a kid dollmore, and then I saw this on ebay.
      It said it was from dollmore, and that it was French resin???
      Is this true about dollmore dolls?
      Because I don't want to get any dolls made of French resin, due to people having problems, mainly excessive, and quicker than normal yellowing.
      Please help
    2. That's a Narsha doll. They are sold by Dollmore but not originally made by them. Narsha's are french resin and has a reputation for yellowing very quickly and very badly.
    3. Only Narsha and the Zaoll dolls are made of french resin. The normal Dollmore Kids are urethane. ^_^
    4. Very much beaten to the pitch!

      I do have a Dollmore doll though, just to back this up, and he's definitely made of urethane.
    5. I have a Narsha, and while he is the most charming little thing, I can attest to the extreme and uneven yellowing. I actually bought him as a 'rescue' doll off Ebay; his head had gone very yellow while the rest of him stayed creamy white (and then the owner had attempted to sand it off with high grit sandpaper which needless to say didn't work...then covered their work with nail polish, yikes).

      He's starting to yellow more evenly now, but it's definitely something to be aware of if you're interested in one of these little sweethearts.

      Narsha's are actually a bit smaller than Kid Dollmores and are considered Tinies for discussion, so I've moved your thread over here. Good luck!
    6. I dont have one now ...I did have a very yellow Narea ...again french resin ...but I loved it
      it had a very real quality about it ...but if the thought of yellowing bothers you ...dont go there

      I have a white Dollmore Banji too ...and its as white as the day I had him ...its a lovely resin
    7. Thanks for the help, I really didn't want a doll made of French resin
    8. I never looked at the Narsha doll before, but they look like larger versions of the Banji doll. Is it the same doll artist that created Banji dolls? Both are Dollmore?
    9. LOL, I saw this girl on E-bay and instantly fell in love... and I bought her. She came a tad bit yellowed but I gave her a peroxide bath and she's hardly yellow now (I think the MSC made her look more yellow than she was). She's just too pretty for words and I don't regret the French Resin for a moment.