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Dollmore Freyja and Freyr

May 16, 2006

    1. My friend is interested in getting one of these dolls and has few qestions. I promised her I would post them here in hopes of someone answering them. Thanks!!!:)

      1. What size clothes do they wear (what do they fit on dollmore, do they fit the Volks Yo-SD clothes)?

      2. What size wigs do they wear and where can you buy wigs?

      3. What size shoes do they wear?

      4. What style do these dolls look best in?

      Thank you again for your help!!! :blush Just warning there could be more questoins (this is what she said).

      Oops! Almost forgot to put that it is the 5yr old one she likes.
    2. I would like to know too , I havent seen any of these at all
      I would hazard a guess SDYO size as I read they have a slimmer body type
      and they are similar height ?
    3. All that dollndoll lists is...

      Manufacturer : Serendipity .
      Name : Lovely Freyja (5 years old - girl type) .
      Height : 29㎝ (11.5 inch) .
      Eye : 12 ~ 14 mm/acryl random color .
      body : Body has serendipity 3 joints.
      wig : 6inch.

      (boy is the same)

    4. Ken (BarbieTM-Ken) clothes fit my Serendipity Freyr really well.

      With some commercial Ken clothes that I have found, not only do the pants go on, they stay on when I fasten them & give a bit of a tug down.

      The shirts fit quite well, not too big, although the shirts also fit the much taller DoD Too body, the chunkier CP Cutie Delf body, etc.

      Wigs, also ummm, since even the wig he came with is too big.
      Heironymus is cute bald. :sweat

      Ann in CT
    5. Thank you very much!
    6. I had a Serendipity Freyja briefly...ended up trading her since I really wanted a Custom House petite, but I can say that CH petite clothes will be too big. Freyja is daintier than the CH petites, who have more of a chubby babylike body. 6-7" wigs are too big too; a size 6 would be OK, I think. Cancan j-series has great wigs in this size that should fit. Freyja is very cute, very tiny and delicate!
    7. Thank-you very much!! cancan your doll is adorable!!!:D
    8. Subscribing :)