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Dollmore Girl "New Body" with elbow piece & general Questions

Dec 17, 2006

    1. Hi

      I've been looking for a Dollmore Asha Girl for a while and I have been offered one almost exactly what I want, just not the auburn default wig I wanted. I can live with that I already have another wig for her. The seller says the doll is like new and hardly played with and she bought her in July this year. That I think would make the body the 2005/2006 body. I don't want to get a bad deal that will make me feel bad about my future doll. Since I'm a new to BJD collecting I'm asking for help.

      My questions are What is the differences between the New body that just came out with the elbow piece and the 2005/ 2006? body?

      I wish they would start numbering or naming the bodies at dollmore. I can count 3 bodies I know of it makes it very confusing to just call them Old or New.

      Does anyone have multiple Dollmore Kid (Girl?) Dolls with the old body, 2005/2006 body, and the elbow piece body. I have heard they have great posibility and movement, Does it vary between manufactured year? How can you tell the old body and the 2005/2006 body apart?

      Is the manufactured year on the Dollmores Certificate? So that I can make sure I'm getting one that came out the year I want.

      And is there anything else I should consider?

    2. I have three asha! my Noir asha girl and my Asha boy have a elbow that just bend. My new doppal asha boy has a joint in his arm that allows more move ment and posing. I personaly like the older style body and i could find some old arms for my doppal I would trade them in a heart beat. Mostly cause he does not pose like I have seen other asha with this are type. I like just a simple joint that moves easy and does not require ten min to figure out.
      Hope that helps.
    3. I have an Asha with the older body (plain elbow) and she poses just wonderfully. She stands like a rock, sits any which way (slumped, straight, swarico) and always has, right out of the box. It is a great body, it poses much better than my Volks MSD (without fussing I mean) and is a very nice size. Not as chunky as Soulkids or Volks, just a hair slimmer, but not slim as Narae.
    4. Thanks!

      Anybody else?
    5. i have a dollmore u-jee that has the new body with the elbow piece, and i LOVE it. i really wish my other dolls had double jointed elbows because it allows for a lot of wonderful flexibility :3
    6. I didn't even realize Dollmore had changed the body. Makes me want to get another! However that said I am very happy with the old body as well.
    7. since I started this thread I have gotten a torrie with the new elbow joint I'm not sure I like it. The forearm only fits the elbow joint one way. I have to have the elbow lined up the right way or it looks odd.
    8. Hmmm, long sleeves? Torrie is so sweet! You are lucky to have one. Don't you love the ears?
    9. I love the changeable ears! Like ecchokat says "The ears rock!" I have only had my girl one week and I've already changed her ears out.