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Dollmore Glamor Eve LEs - Hosoo and Emile

Aug 12, 2010

    1. I like this glamour body a lot; it's curvy, but the bust looks like it is sculpted a bit more naturally than the model doll large version. I'm curious though, are there many clothing options that will work on those girls?
    2. I would imagine very very loose dresses ;D
    3. They're probably the same height, and head size...but much much much curvier. XD
    4. lol, loose dresses would just make her look pregnant!

      The measurements of the bust and hips are similar to super gem/model dolls, so you might find that some short sleeved/short skirted things made for them will fit (I've found with 60+ bodies, the length is often mostly added in the legs). That said, if I do get one, I'm sure I'll be making plenty of things which fit them. >:3
    5. They can't lay around in their default outfits all day? I have to make a custom outfit for mine anyways, so no big deal.

    6. Seconded. It's a softer look, not as 'in your face' even though it's still very exaggerated. I like the model version, but I think I prefer this one to it.
    7. Imo,just about chatting about the outfit,this glamor eve dolls can easily fits the line of SD from dollmore itself,probably this is a new line,so DollMore will make some outfit expecially for these dolls.
    8. I mean this,the height is different,these newer ones are 59cm taller while the youth eve line are about 57cm taller...or it's just because these new wear heeled feet?
    9. I really love the new Eve Glamor Dolls. They are so beautiful, I hope they become a basic line. I want to get Emile in white skin.
    10. Actually i've converted myself into the NS..the white tends to yellows fast,too hot where i live,but i do admint that these LE are quite attractive!
    11. I have really been waiting for a doll like this, they have real curves!
      They look so much more releastic to me then an Iplehouse or soom body. They even have a little tummy pooch, they are all sexy in a more attainable way then the skinny skinny dolls with big chests, these girls have it goin' on all over ^^
    12. I like them..expecially the noir hooso version..it's exaclty like you said..are small but yet so curvy...much more feminine that others female sculpt body i've seen so far!
    13. Unfortunately Dollmore doesn't offer white skin as basic, so you'd only be able to get her if they released a limited edition of Emile in white skin.
    14. Well nobody could really tell,in the end DollMore realsed even two glamor moderl in white skin as basic reecently,we don't know what's around the corner.
    15. That is kind of sad, I really like WS. But on the other hand it is a great opportunity to get my first Normal Skinned doll! I won't be able to save up in time to get one of the limited editions though.
    16. Try the NS..i was sure to not bond at all with NS,i prefer as well WS,but when i see my first head in NS,the AIL head chloe i started to love it.
    17. I WANT THAT BODY SO BAD!! Oh man!! It's all boobs and hips!! I don't even have a head for it but I want it!
    18. According to the measurements on the site, they might fit clothes meant for DDdy (Dollfie Dream Dynamite) and vise versa. It's worth a shot if nothing else.
    19. Oh wooooooooooow! Just saw these girls this morning! I love how crazy hour-glass the figure is and I quite like Emile's sculpt!