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Dollmore Glamor Model Doll Nayuta Kenzo

Sep 23, 2008

    1. holy mother of god, is all i got to say, hot,hot, hot, those eyes, melting, and that height! eeeps
    2. He is so stunning :o And so tall :sweat
    3. That sculpt is so Dollmore :lol: What different about his body though? I'm not familiar with the model doll bodies.

      *edit* Never mind. Forgot to read the info. :sweat
    4. I like him. I tend to like Asian dolls for some reason, and his overall "look" appeals to me. But I am not attracted enough to buy him.

      I find some of the Dollmore sculpts to have such a narrow jawline that it bothers me a bit. A couple of the female sculpts had this.
      I'll have to look at him a bit more.
    5. hmm... he can be nice hot babe....
    6. Hmm, interesting. He looks a little like Bruce Lee. The body is nice looking....
    7. My my...how gorgeous! Although...there's just something about his lips I dislike...as well as something about the back, but I'm sure it'd look fine without the blushing.

      I mean...look at those hands!! And those ABS!!! <3
    8. That's exactly what I thought... It hink they painted the lips too wide, I'm trying to imagine him without lipliner.

      The back however... I'm not not liking the muscle definition there. But maybe you are right about the blushing. It's very heavy so it probably makes the back look worse than it is.
    9. Oooo, pretty! :love Wow, seems that some companies are getting pretty close to Soom's Mecha Angels with the height on some of these new dolls. He is personally not my taste, but I can definitely appreciate him even still. :D
    10. He's really handsome and I love his hands and veiny arms. I think his eyes area little too wide apart to be completely gorgeous in my book, but I think he is definately a very lovely doll and will make an interesting addition to the BJD world. Can't wait to see user pics!
    11. He's gorgeous, I love his lips and eyes, but Kizimir would kill me if I got another dollmore model T-T
    12. Headshot T_T
    13. Gunter von Christ, you can tell him Kenzo is Glamour Model, that's a whole difference))
    14. I like him! I wonder what type of clothes/ shoes he can wear? Can he wear Model ones? And Mecha Angel ones? Or will they make a whole line especially forhim?
    15. Wow.... is it me, or are dolls taller than 70cm just suddenly popping up everywhere? O_o i want them aaaaaall :lol:
    16. I agree, bjd boys get to become taller and taller and mecha angel looking like! I like dollshe boys more 'cause their look is different and out of this (though they try to get taller too, but hey they can't be the shortest ones now, when they used to be the tallests , lol) and their lines are more gentle.

      Anyway, he sure draws the attention...
    17. He really has a gorgeous body, very more muscle tone than the current Male Model type body, and yeah 75cm. They are catching up to Soon Mecha Angels, but not at the price. Nice, but not my kind of nice.
    18. Height is good. Height is very good. I'm looking forward to them doing more heads though, I'm not in love with his face.

      :ablink:He's going to make my Shinydoll girls look like kids.
    19. I really like his head sculpt, but the height if terrifying! XDD But still, I like him. :3