Dollmore Glamour Model Guys

Jun 20, 2011

    1. I think its about time the Glamour Model boys had their own discussion thread (please let me know if there is one but I have missed it!)

      I know there is already a Nayuta Kenzo thread with some info: Nayuta Kenzo thread

      if anyone knows of any other Glamour Model threads please let me know, I go looking for a Glamour Model thread every time Dollmore release a new Glamour Model boy and I've yet to see one

      I would love to hear other peoples thoughts on these boys.

      personally I really like quite a few of the heads, I have four on my wishlist now with the release of Maxi Milian :sweat
    2. I just saw Maximillian today, and I love him! I think he is the perfect guy doll for me. I want one man, and lots of girls... at 75cm I think it would be hot! I can't wait to see owner pictures :)
    3. I don't have one, but I certainly think there should be more on DoA about these fantastic guys! :)
    4. Max is fantastic. He looks like a total bastard, and not too pretty. Perfect for one of my characters. *cries*
    5. I really love how he looks older than most guy dolls. Not a pretty-boy at all!
    6. Very interesting sculpt - he reminds me a bit of Jonathan Rhys Meyers... *drools*
    7. Bingo! That sneer reminded me of somebody, but I couldn't figure it out.
    8. I think he looks very realistic too, almost like he'll start talking any second! I'm glad I already have Ripley Days...I'd so be tempted to bring Max home if there was room for more Giants in my collection!! XD
    9. Excellent how he looks alot older than most male dolls, Im sure people will do interesting things with him. That 'mud' photo looks a bit gross though, looks like poop!
    10. Usually there is a general thread for a company/doll type and new releases get their own special threads - that way the new doll is not overlooked by people who do not regularly participate in company chat threads.

      There is a Larger Dolls general chat thread for all "large" Dollmore dolls [thread=250793]here[/thread].
    11. Lol, I thought the EXACT same thing! My roomate and I were joking that he used some animal feces to cover his scent, and he was out hunting the Predator or something!

      Besides that, I actually think he is a bit of a pretty boy. I really love the snotty look on men. I think of some sort of arisocrat or something.

      On another note about the other Glamour Model guys, it is SO hard to find good photos of them. I've found BEAUTIFUL Ripleys out there, but a lot of the time they have wigs that cover half the face. I just wish I could find a blank sculpt of all the Glamour guys, or a more clear front shot.
    12. Maximillian is so pretty! x_x I'm not sure if I can handle 75cm though. GAH~!

      And I've changed my mind twenty times over which doll should be my Niccolo the mafioso
    13. if it helps they're about 72-73cm XD Dollmore is always a little off on heights.
      Plus with their long legs they're not that hard to handle. They kind of fold up nicely XD I'm not one for the giant boys myself, my EID is way too big for me, but the Glamor Model really doesn't seem that big because of his proportions, even though he is taller.
    14. xD Maybe a little better.

      I dunno. It's always hard to imagine dolls' sizes without them in person and I'm wondering how he'll look next to my current doll since he's 60cm and I want to get a Zaoll Luv in the future and she's 52cm. Maybe I'll just ban Maximillian from wearing shoes that increase his height and put the other two in platform shoes. xD
    15. I could take pics for you if you want. I have a Zaoll (kinda two of them) and plenty of 60cm and even shorter boys and girls. Metatron (my RD) only has one pair of shoes, and they're not platforms XD so he'll be about flatfooted in them.
    16. I think, he looks a whole lot like Christian Bale. The lips are definitely a lot like Bales. It's soooo good, that I don't like the big dolls, or I would be in trouble :D
    17. That would be helpful. :)
    18. When I saw the gun stuck in his pants and what looks like a rope over one shoulder. . . I was wondering what Dollmore was playing at when he really looks a lot like Caligula. :o They could have so easily marketed him as a Roman Emperor. Still. . . one heckuva face he has! :D

      Bwahaha!! I was wondering if it was supposed to be mud or dried blood. . . it's an unfortunate shade of brown, at any rate. :XD:
    19. Now that you say it, he does look a bit like Bale, I was trying to figure out who he reminded me off, and you got it! He is a gorgeous sculpt, though I think a bit too large to handle... and he would probably look awkward next to an Iple SID girl. But that expression! :fangirl:
    20. ROTFL!!!!!! I thought the same. Dollmore does some strange stuff.....the picture of him hovering over the tiny gifts in that chair is so strange...creeped me out! He is a looker though. I would like to just have him standing around in a suit :D