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Dollmore have dropped Dolkot

May 7, 2007

    1. Sorry if this has been posted already somewhere. I couldn't find it in news.

      I'm so upset because I'm still saving up for my Hara! Is there anywhere else that Dolkot can be bought from? The dolkot.com site has a lot of blank pages and is all in Korean...
      Does it mean that Dolkot have stopped making dolls altogether?
    2. Dolkot are actually in the process of launching their own international shopping site so don't worry :D
    3. phew i was a bit worried but u can get them over here:


      someone dropped me a line. i thought it was weird how i could not find Dolkot dolls on Dollmore anymore.
    4. Also, you can email Dolkot and order that way-- they respond in English and are very friendly--
    5. That's right. As far as I've heard, it IS possible to order from dollkot themselves. :).