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Dollmore - Illua Doll Discussion Thread - Part 1

Jul 23, 2016

    1. Hi everyone! This is the discussion thread for Dollmore's new Illua Dolls (or as I refer to them, the mini Lusions!) :D

      * Measurements
      * Eye size : 16mm (Diameter)
      * Tall : 48cm
      * Circumference of Head : 21cm
      * Circumference of neck : 9.7cm
      * Width of shoulders : 8cm
      * Circumference of chest : 20.5cm
      * Length from shoulder to wrist include a wrist ball : 14.5cm
      * Circumference of Wrist : 6.8cm
      * Circumference of waist : 16cm
      * Circumference of hips : 24.2cm
      * Lenth of "from hips to ankle" : 24.5cm
      * Lenth of "from knee to ankle" : 10cm
      * Circumference of ankle : 8.5cm (foot width : 3.3cm)
      * Foot size : 7.5cm
      * Weight : 1kg

      * Compatible Size
      1. Wig: Illua doll wears wig in 8-9 inch size. We suggest you use wig in SD size or Model doll for this Illua dolls.
      2. Clothes: Illua doll is able to wear some clothes in SD size. If you want, we are able to custom clothes set in Illua doll size for you.
      About custom size clothes, please leave words on the Q&A board for further information.
      3. Shoes: Illua doll is able to wear shoes in Zaoll and Alexia doll size. She is also to wear some shoes in SD size.
      However, illua doll's foot is a little thick than other doll foot, so it looks a little bad wearing slim shoes.
      4. Eyes: Eyes in 14mm~16mm size

    2. :DI am so thrilled to see this. I have wanted a Lusion since they came out but the size was a little too big for me. I might have to try to get one of these girls, they are beautiful.
    3. I'm glad to see another fan! I love how the Illua body really is just like the Lusion!
      Reposting the body image here for reference:

      I also really like the default faceup they have on her.
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    4. I want to see a comparison of this doll with a regular SD and Lusion bjd.
    5. I'm not sure if this helps, but Dollmore's Alexia is 46cm which is probably the most similar to the 48cm Illua Doll.
      I used the Doll Comparison app to show the height difference between an Alexia, a Volks SDGr, and a Lusion and I moved the Alexia up a bit to simulate the 2cm height difference she has compared to an Illua:

      #5 ker246, Jul 23, 2016
      Last edited: Jul 23, 2016
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    6. I just can't decide if I like her this size or not... I've been trying to get away from the 1/4 sized dolls, but I LOVE Lusions (Dahlia in particular) and this version is SO much more affordable.

      She's so cute. I don't know!
    7. She's definitely "thicker" than your average MSD (even fits SD clothes), which may make her more your taste than the average MSD? And in high heeled shoes she'd be almost 50cm.
      Also, as I wrote in the News thread, the Chocolat Blanc/Noir Dahlias are going to be the cheapest way to get an Illua Doll according to Dollmore abby, who says the next Illua is going to be much more elaborate and expensive (probably some really fancy outfit that's going to give her a price like SD limiteds, I'm guessing)
      I love Dahlias too, so I think you should get her! But I'm such a bad influence ahaha!:lol:
    8. thank you Ker this is very helpful, now I hope someone buys her and I want to see a review on Illua :)

    9. If I wasn't in the middle of relocating and getting a new job situated, I would order her in an instant. As soon as life settles done I certainly will be placing an order for her :)
    10. I won't be able to get her for now, lots of thing happening, so no money to buy bjd, expensive hobby for sure
    11. I'd be really interested to see what (if any) hybrids work for her! Hopefully some owners will share their experiments when she starts arriving.
      I absolutely adore her legs.
    12. Lol, you sure are!

      I would love to see a comparison picture of this Dahlia with a Lusion. They do look really cute next to Trinity dolls.

      Ugh! Dollmore, why? Stop making me spend money.
    13. Ohhh, this size is perfect for younger siblings of SD dolls! I'd given up on shelling one of my dolls little sisters because I personally find MSDs have too adult proportions to be a 10-12 year old sibling (no offense to those who like msd/sd siblings, it just isnt my thing!). So this is good news for me, I'm putting here up there on my wishlist :)
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    14. Same! I like the MSD size but prefer less mature proportions, so I'm really excited about this! She's such a perfect little child doll!
    15. So lovely! I wonder what these girls would look like next to a Volks DearSD, or Dollzone 1/4 BB, or Luts Baby Delf. Illua are taller then all three, but have a similar feel and look to them.
    16. She is wonderful! She actually makes me want the big one even more...So I could have a sweet little girl and her mini me dolly!
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    17. Minus Illua's much smaller waist measurement (because of the middle torso joint/part), I think she actually has very similar torso measurements to Dollzone's 42cm girl body (NB40-001):

      For bust / waist / hips
      Illua: 20.5 / 16 / 24.2
      DZ: 20 / 18 / 23

      I think the 6cm height difference is due to 2 things: leg difference (DZ leg length stated as 19.5cm while Illua hip to ankle measurement is 24.5cm) and I think Dollmore included head height in the Illua height measurement, because based on the pictures, I feel like the DZ body possibly has a longer length torso...?
    18. @Tami E That's a great idea!! So cute.
    19. @ker246 It's possible that it does. I'm actually hoping that the height difference of 6cm is about right, because with Dahlia's slightly older looking face, I'm wonder if the Illua's could work as slightly older sisters or older versions of the dolls I mentioned above.
    20. Oops I was wrong, the 42cm DZ measurement on Alice's Collections (on the body page) says that's with the head included! Sorry about that. So it probably is a true 6cm difference.