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Dollmore Judith Girls discussion part 1

Dec 31, 2010

    1. Ok, Got some answers about our questions. Convo over Yahoo IM.

      Hi, I have a few questions regarding the new Judith line. The first is when will there be non LE dolls out for the new line? Second: Can we get more pics of her pose-ability? And third: will the body be available separately?
      Jee mon
      1. It will be continue released in LE edition
      2. maybe.. you can see it in next LE edition. ^^
      3. sorry, it's not possible as you wanted.
      Thank you for answering my questions.
      Jee mon
      thanks for your interest~~
      Happy new year!
      Happy New Year to you too!
      Jee mon
    2. Hey guys, I was browsing DollMore today when I saw something that might be interesting.

      The two-part chest joint design the Judith girls have is also used by DollMore's Dear Doll line (Their new Yo-SD scale dolls). You can see on the Bomi page. It looks like the over-all joint system works really well.

      Other than the fact that I really want a Dear Doll Apple now, too, this looks really promising for what DollMore has planned!
    3. Nothing too extreme, but there are a couple more Judith posing photos here

      Really the sculpt reminds me of the older DM kids. I don't think it's a new artist or outside studio, her face has the 'Dollmore style'.

      It does usually take a while for DM LE's to sell out- I imagine the performance of these two will determine if we get any more Judith...
    4. The Glamour Eve come sanded I think, tho Judith do not. Maybe to much to do it with out paying extra since she is triple jointed, meaning more to sand. And yes darling you can see my girls when they get home. Waiting is killing me slowly X_x
    5. It's $35 for partly blushing (Hand, Feet and Bust). My girl is getting sanded and partially blushed :D.
    6. Do MSD wigs fit her well? I have *nothing* in MSD size, and I want to gather some options while I wait for her to arrive.
    7. I have her wearing the only 7/8 wig in my house since she comes with a wig cap (which I've never had one of before). It fits super well while she's wearing the cap but falls right off if she's not wearing it. I've just put in a Leeke blind wig order for her :D

      Hey Milky what is a lamb ears wig anyhow? pic link for me?
    8. Here is a lambs ear wig. I got mine in off-white color-
    9. Had doll, had camera even--no wig except the mohair allergy-causing thing. I'd packed them up & forgotten to put the wigs into my car. :(
      When I got the short fluffy pink wig on her, it was too dark for decent photos (it was a dark & windy night ;)). However, that is a perfect wig for her.

      ETA: The wigs I tried were 6/7. They're tough to get on over the wig cap, but stay on like nobody's business once they're on. :)

      When did she turn into Marilyn Monroe, though? I had thought her more brash, but she has several angles which show her all triste. The doll isn't Marilyn Monroe, but several of her outfits and aspects of her character will be. Darn, I'll have to make or find a wig like Miss Monroe's hair.

      I have to make up other clothes, too, despite Dollmore's kind including of a second outfit.

      And maybe I'll find out her name some time. ;)
    10. Oh wow that is a cool wig Milky!
      I took a couple more snaps of Zinna today.
      Yes I know, I know black and white is cheating :sweat


      EDIT: For gallery post click me
    11. More spam is okay, right? ;)

    12. Oh yay elshe! Damn girl you got some good dolly taste ;) you will love her. As for clothing... Long legs, skinny hips and giant jugs. Ok well the hips are only skinny in comparison to her bust. I thought maybe she would be able to wear JID clothes but they're too big in the hips for her. So far I have had my girl wear MNF boy pants which fit like a dream until she sits down and displays her tooshie to the world :lol:, a BFC Inc top which is fine enough, and most recently a Tonner dress. That's the sequined one you can see her in in the picture above. Now that was a challenge squeezing her into that but I think the look is worth it ;) I do have a lack of clothing in this place so I shall have to invest in some soon. I might have to do a clothing montage shoot with her this Friday :XD: Ok, ramble over.
    13. I'm still lacking in the spam department, I got two heads back from faceup last night - something I've never had the pleasure of before so was totally distracted and haven't taken any more pics of Zinna yet... but I don't think I've posted this one before. And I promise that's the last one I will post from this photoshoot :lol:

      Also, elshe, check out my box opening thread to see her in the minifee pants and BFC inc shirt... I've only had her in the two outfits so far and I'm not sure she's found her look yet.
      must. buy. new. clothes.

      Fang, Milky - Tomorrow's the day! I can smell it... shipping notices for both of you I hope.
    14. I actually asked Dollmore the other day if they plan to release any more Judith girls in the future. I'm in the same boat as you! I love the body but not the head. Here's what they said:

    15. got some information guys! i dont know if any of you know already but any of the clothing items on dollmore can be customised for judiths size (but add $10 USD to every item you have customised). This makes clothing easier, although a little more expensive ^^"
    16. I'll see what I've taken once I'm home this evening. :)

      V wants lots of 1950s clothes--I don't mean poodle skirts, but the more elegant stuff; regular dresses with straight skirts & suits & evening clothes, rather like Marilyn Monroe wore.
      I'm so glad I know of the http://vintagesewing.info/index.htm. The site doesn't actually have 1950s books on whole outfits, but has several for 1940s, which I can & will modify. ;)
    17. Holy cow I picked up my Judith, who I have decided to name Roma, this morning and she's suddenly decided she wants to be floppy as all heck!
      So I will be spending the rest of the morning hot glue sueding her back to her original posing glory :XD:

      Waist to ankle: 26cms
      Inseam: 20cms
      Arm: 13cms (is there such a thing as an inseam for an arm? if there is it's 11cms)
      Wrist: 4.5cms