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Dollmore Kid discussion part 4

Oct 3, 2016

    1. I've had the Latte girl on my wish list since the release. Love her face so much :D

      I've decided to go for her over Vian. But I'd like to get her on a Judith girl body. I'd like to make her part of my Furry family I think, so she'll be a mix between human and some kind of animal. Currently she's just on my wish list. I don't know yet when I can order her.
    2. Oh! New discussion thread! :daisy

      My sweet Owen (Dollmore Pado) wanted to remind his fellow Americans to vote today:

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    3. [​IMG]

      It was nice changing from her clownish goth style and back to her ballet outfit.

      Since I got her, Leah have just been Leah. I haven't really had any character for her. But all it took was to turn one of her eyes around to figure out her character :roll:

      I guess she's more of a blind ghostly character rather than a dark and Goth one. Not exactly a ghost but she's a half blind medium who love everything sweet, old and ghostly.

      @PeppermintPocky Hehe, your Pado are so cute :whee:
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    4. There is updated pictures for boy and girl Torrie. They look so cool:)

      The Torrie sculpt is one of my favorites. But I have no reason to get one even though I would very much love to. But I wouldn't know what to do with a Torrie character. And I don't know if it would fit in with any of my dolls. I guess all I can do is admire the sculpt.

      Have anyone ever had a bjd sculpt before that they really liked even though it would be difficult to fit it in with the other dolls or giving it a character?
    5. I missed my chance at getting a Catish Doll - Vnu. Wonder if Torrie could make a good Neko girl character.
    6. Hello everyone. I've become sentimental recently, really missing the sweet wind memory torrie I had years ago. I remember really loving her body. Her ears were annoying, and the white skin was stark. Contemplating trying a dollmore kid again though, maybe in normal or tan, or maybe a hybrid with a different head...
    7. There are a lot of heads to choose from now! I love the normal skin.
    8. I was just looking at the website. Jeemin is so cute! And is the Judith body the same but with big boobs? Is the ballet body the same but point feet? So many options!
      EDIT: answered my own questions- Judith body is way different. Not for me. Ballet body is basically the same looking but with more cut away around her rear so the legs can flex backward.

      I still like the good ol kid body
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    9. You can buy ballet feet for the regular body!
    10. I can relate to how you feel. I feel that way often about my Vian girl... Once in a while I feel I maybe should get her again. But I'm also unsure if I should.

      But I've had my eyes on the Latte girl for a while. A tanned Vian cat character with white dollpire hands and white feets would have been pretty cool to :)

      I'd really love to have another dollmore kid one day. But I don't know what to choose :sweat
    11. I have just ordered the "Snow Blossom Vian" :kitty1 I came to a point where I missed my old Vian girl too much... The past days that have been I've been looking at all the Vian girls on Dollmore, especially the pink skin Vian. I like how her skin tone and face-up makes her look more mature. I can't believe I finally ordered a Vian (happy tears):...(

      I don't know If I can call the fox my soul/ spirit animal. I'm not like the people who call them selves "Otherkin", and identifies as different kinds of animal species. I identify as a human, but I've had a serious fox obsession for quite a while now and my Fursona is a fox. The fox is everything to me these days. It's fox this, fox that :lol: The Snow Blossom Vian is a Kitsunemimi girl and she's my favorite Dollmore Kid sculpt. So I was sold!
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    12. Congratulations! She is adorable!
    13. Thanks :kitty2

      Can't wait to see her resin color irl :)
    14. Yay that's exciting. I feel like I watched a anime series once where the girl was a fox but I can't seem to remember what it was called.
    15. Very exciting :kitty2 I've been talking about wanting a Vian again for years. And I've had so many doubts. But not anymore.


      This is my old snow demon Vian girl. I sold her many years ago. And I've been missing her on and off since. Hope it is ok I post a picture to spread some Vian love <3

      Hehe now I feel like google animes with kitsunemimis in :lol:
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    16. Do anyone know if Dollmore Kid Snow Blossom Vian pink skin is the same as Catish Pink Fluxus Reaa pink skin? I'd love to order her Dollpire hands.
    17. It would be best to ask Dollmore!
    18. I asked them if it were the same. This is the answer I got. No mention if it were the same or not :sweat

      "Unfortunately, we do not develop dollpire hand set in pink fluxus skin color now.

      So it is impossble to sell it for you.

      Very sorry to tell you this bad news. :))"
    19. Any if y'all happen to also have a Resinsoul MSD that you could take comparison pics with? I know Resinsoul has several different bodies...with several different neck sizes. I loved the dollmore kid body so much when I had it I'd love to get another but I've been taken in by some Resinsoul sculpts. I'm having a hard time finding any recent discussion of possible hybrids. Poor neglected dollmore kids..