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Dollmore kid headcap removal >o<

Oct 21, 2008

    1. Hi, I'm new to this forim :)

      I have 3 dolls, right now I really need to take off the headcap to change the eyes. But I can't figure out how to do it and google isn't helping, there's no info for this kind of dolls in aimee's faqs eitehr? @_@

      Can anybody plz help me? I need to remove the doll's headcap.

      It is dollmore Nikita Aisha (LE 10)
    2. Does her headcap have the "S" hook attached to the inside of the cap? If so it can be a little difficult to remove, but I would look thru the instruction book when you got your doll and check to see if there is anyway to remove it. You might want someone to help you since these dolls are strung tight sometimes.
    3. I thought dollmore just had megnetic head caps. It should just come right off, at least all the dollmore's i've seen have been this way. Granted I haven't seen any of the kids.
    4. It's the old cap, I got it years ago.

      I'll have to look for the box now... >_<
    5. OMG the bane of my existance!!!!
      My dollmore sweet wind memory asha and my dollzone Megi have that issue!

      I avoid removing the cap by pulling the headcap up and hooking it over the back of the head - change the eyes (sometimes a fiddly task esp if the eyes are quite big) - and lift it up and over again to put it back into the correct position.

    6. Buuuut if u have enough slack on the elastic....
      u may be able to pull the headcap up enough to get someone to shove a chopstick or paintbrush
      (or a strong similar shaped object) through the loop of elastic - so it will hold it while you unhook the headcap from the S hook.

      We did that to Megi's headcap the other day so we could remove his head for his faceup.
    7. That looks similar to my Hypermaniac, but instead of a "S" hook he has a screw with a hook on the end and the elastic is hung on , very hard to restring but I had to re-glue it since it can come out with epoxy.
    8. OMG, thanks for the instruction. ;o;

      I had 2 SD13s from Volks, I always assumed that this would work by pulling it back instead of up :sweat

      Now I'll fiddle with the eyes... Thanks so much!
    9. ...gah, that's a lot of putty. @o@
    10. ...and they're sticking to my nails @o@ (this is my first time changing eyes, so...)
    11. The eyes are too big... :(

      I guess I'll need to get eyes from dollmore itself and not other brands...
    12. Oh no! That's a shame!
      Glad u managed to get it off though :)

      You may be right about the company eyes - I can fit my Asha's 18mm Dollmore eyes in her head but some other 18mm eyes would not fit at all lol!
      I find she fits 14's and 16s better, even though 18mm was her default.