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Dollmore kid momo!

Jul 2, 2005

    1. They are really so totally cute. I saw them last night and just kept staaaaaaring!
    2. Looks like Asha's shy little brother/sister *.* I'm in looooove!
    3. I totally agree with magicWhiteLady! That looks like Asha's younger siblings!!! How cute!!!!
      If I wasn't saving for a limited doll.........
    4. looks like Lilis' younger sibling to me. that wide-ish nose.
    5. Asha's eyes and Lillis' nose.....who's ears?
    6. Calvins by the look....

    7. she is adorable! I'm thinking about her.. anyone have information about the body? Are those like the MSd one or more slim? I don't know very much dollmore dolls.. so I have no idea about quality and anything else..

    8. It'll be MSD.

      I only have dollmore dolls so I can highyl recommend them. Though..at the same time I dont have anything to compare them too.

    9. I really love the female Momo. She has such a unique face. I wonder if she has a Serendipity like body. She looks pretty slim.
    10. I think it's PamSD who has the Asha. Asha is slimmer than my DoD, she showed us a picture of her wearing shorts that won't even fasten on my DoD. But she is only a bit slimmer, because she can't sit in them or the velcro splits. A Sharmin is slimmer yet than than the Dollmore minis.