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Dollmore Kids with old body 10%off SALE~!

Feb 17, 2006

    1. hi~ Dollmore customers.^^

      nowadays, Dollmore Kid dolls are being shipped as assembling with NEW body.

      so, Dollmore is gonna to sale the 3 Dollmore kid dolls (2 boys, 1 girl)

      with old body left in 10% discounted price.^^

      all Dollmore Kid doll head (Asha, calvin, momo, aidan, U-jee) will do.^^

      * skin type : Normal
      * condition : before be assembled, NEW (not displaied)
      * included : head + assembled body, eyes, wig, box, cushion, COA.
      * if you want, body blushing is possible ($50.00)

      if you are interested in, please let me know.^^ help@dollmore.net

      many thanks~!!

      have a lovely day~!

      Dollmore Jee.^^

      ....might have to look into a Dollmore kid X3
    2. I have an old Dollmore kid body, and she poses pretty well. The only problem is she's much skinnier than MSDs, so the clothes are usually too big on her.
    3. Dollmore kids are so cute! ^_^ It's wonderful of them to offer the old sets 10% off. I'd have to say that the new body is a bit nicer ( very similar to Unoa in the scult ) but this is good for those with tighter pocket books, and you can always upgrade later! <3

    4. sabasshii - can you send me a picture of the new body?
    5. I've got an old Kid Dollmore body. =3 Frankly, I like it. I'm not too disappointed about not catching the sale because I got my body in the secondary market for cheaper. yay! ^^