Dollmore Large Dolls Discussion Thread (all sizes) - Part 2

May 2, 2014

    1. [​IMG]
      My Sailor Boy
      by severelysigune, on Flickr

      , thank you! I wasn't overly impressed by his company photos, but I knew I would adore any Gu Mi-jeong sculpt, and "in the resin" he is every bit as lovely as I hoped he would be :).

      Really, there are no words for how much I hate customs fees XD. I hear people say that they rarely have to pay any at all, but personally I have only once NOT had to pay any. It bugs me that there seem to be no rules either. Sometimes I get asked for proof of payment, sometimes I don't. With Theo I was lucky: they didn't ask me anything and charged me only 32 euros ($44). For Alexia, they have asked me for proof of payment, so they know I spent $500 on her. I am mentally preparing for a fee of some 40% :|. This is really the worst case scenario that is being played out. At least I know that I'm going to adore her, but - gah. It is really infuriating that in some countries we have to pay 40% more for the same thing.

      Luckily I'm apt to forget all about the fees as soon as I hold the dollie in my hands...

      I went to have a look at your box opening. I already thought Elise looked lovely, but she looks extra good next to Gabriel! They are a wonderful couple. I chuckled when I saw how long you have actually had an eye on her. It's very recognisable. I seem to mostly buy dolls that I noticed almost as soon as I entered the hobby (though in my case that is only three years ago :p). Theo was an exception.

      VA13, thank you! He really needs clothes though. I have drawn the design, but I need to draft patterns (AUGH!) and then make everything... including bits of chainmail... eep.

      I can relate to the fact of wanting to re-do part of a face-up :/. But trust me, you half-skeleton guy looks great! :D
    2. I really like his face up! It looks so natural.
      Omg autocorrect is on a rampage today....

      Ugh I'm so happy we don't have customs fees on toys...I'm pretty sure I'd own way less dolls.

      And I totally relate to not having clothes. I have started selling dolls I don't have clothes for. I just can't find any (and can't make any lol)! I think that companies that sell dolls just keep popping up and no one is making clothes...or they don't make clothes for my dolls. Or they make the same thing everyone else makes. I have serious issues with finding stuff, especially for boys.

      Heh...have fun with the chain mail!! Though I'm totally interested in seeing it when you've made it!

      And thanks...I do like his skull half more than the non-skull half! Can't mess that up...I'd cry....

    3. Yea a chance to spam some more photos of my kitties! Though I have posted quite a few in the Catish thread. hmmm looks like I have uploaded my most recent photos of them together. Ah well I guess Dior will just have to be by herself.
    4. Dropping in with some yay - my Eve Liebe Klum who used to be on a modded Zaoll body and has been a head for 6 months (more like 8) will have a body again, hopefully by next week! :D

      Dollstown shipped it out today!! I'm so excited, I have more grail bodies than I do actual dolls, and the Dollstown Elf body is one I've wanted since my first few months in the hobby, plus I'll have Tween back, I've missed him...He needs new stuff! At least a new wig, the one he has is...old. XD
    5. Holy carp on a pogo stick I just got elf Dahlia! :D

      Someone of Facebook was selling hers (she's also on DOA, I believe, the owner of CheekyLilMonkey) and including LOTs of extras and shipping and selling her for lower than Dollmore is so I PMed her and Dahlia is soon on her way home! Yeah, Im just a BIT excited now. lol I'm supposed to be saving for Dollism but I just couldn't pass up this opportunity. :)

      I believe her name shall be Kana.
    6. got her that is fabulous I almost snagged her myself it was at a great price congrats!. Also I totally just realized this is a large doll discussion and I've been posting my
    7. Yay, new discussion!
      I'll join in with a picture of Kass, looking snazzy. C:
      [​IMG]IMG_0095 by GenevieveYay, on Flickr
    8. :D That's awesome! How exciting!! I can't wait to see - lots of pictures! LOTS!
    9. Hi, can someone point me to the section that has how to restring a dollmore doll? My girl can only sit and I have tried to restring her, and she is even worse off now then she was before I tried to restring her :( She is a Dollmore Cho... Thank you in advance.....
    10. Now that it's been way too long...I don't know of any tutorials specific to Dollmore, but I've never restrung any of them any different than any other doll I own. One piece for both legs, one piece for the arms. Though I wonder if now they're stringing their dolls with two pieces for the legs as I have heard that twice now? I guess I'll be finding out first hand in September.

      I have pictures of one of my boys who got re-modded over the weekend, and a new face up!


      This is the one I call 2.5. I had opened his mouth a couple years ago but the way they're made made it hard to carve teeths, so he was toothless until this weekend when I added some in. Not that you can see them here. But I like his new face up so much better than the old one I had to use this one. Ignore his messy hairs, Alex doesn't own a brush.

      He still needs a tiny bit more work on the face up and teeth, and he had piercings I need to reattach, but other than that, he's pretty much going to look like this.
    11. Jumping in on this thread! Does anyone own a Malli or Monica? I'd love to see more owner pics of them, especially blank, but there don't seem to be any around.
    12. Wow, VA, what a gorgeous boy! You did a great job on him.

      No, no Monica or Malli here. But Kana is home! And just as soon as I find the time many pics will be taken. Probably with Tori involved. :)
    13. I'm intrigued by open mouths lately. Alex' new faceup is stunning :fangirl:!
    14. Yaypictures! Piiiicccctuuuuuures!!!!

      Thank you! I've been obsessed with open mouths for years, and this has kind of been one of my goals. My next goal is to do it again on a grander scale...and get some fangies in there...

      One more pic!


      lol you can't even tell he has teeth XDD
    15. He's so pretty! Your gorgeous Alex(es) keep making me want to buy a Kara Klum! :aheartbea

      And here, quick shot of Kana who is finally here. I have yet to do an actual photoshoot, but it'll happen. She has lots of clothes to try on and stuff. I also wanna change her eyes. I put these reds in, but don't think they work for her although I love them. She came with some pale purple (her defaults), so I'm thinking one purple and maybe a bright blue. And Tori might get the other halves so they match. Or she might be getting her defaults back in, since the larger size makes her look younger, like I want.


      OMG dem EARS! :aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea

      And can I just say I LOVE human hair wigs? Kana came with two of them. They are AMAZING. Definitely want to invest in a couple more. A long, white-blonde since I want her to have pale hair to match her pale eyebrows and white lashes.
    16. Omg those ears. She's fantastic! I can see why you couldn't pass her up. I think pale would be a good look on her (and I always love a white-blond XD).

      I also think you need a Kara Klum! Everyone does....everyone...
    17. Both my big girls. :aheartbea

    18. Those big girls must be fun to dress and play with, Stormlight! But I thought Kass and Siber were difficult to lug around, they must be heavy. :U
      I do the marking down of prices in the department store I work at, and when I'm in the kids' section,
      I always wonder to myself if those cute outfits would fit a Lusion.

      Droppin off some Kass spam, freshly re-faced!
      I liked everything about the Dollmore default for Victor Lou except the eyebrows. :< They were longhorn orange.
      I spent today redoing Kass' faceup and I'm happy with his new look!

      [​IMG]Fangs by GenevieveYay, on Flickr
    19. A little late, but they look great!! I got really lucky at Doll-A-kon, I saw a Trinity in person. It's kind of lame but I walked away almost in tears...she was so pretty! I couldn't get over the hands! Amazing. I can't even.

      If all goes well I'm ordering my 7th Kara Klum this weekend. It's been four years since I've gotten one straight from Dollmore, and almost that long since I've ordered a full doll from them. And I'm stupidly excited to be able to pick him up in person....and kind of nervous! I hope this works out right lol