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Dollmore - LE Glamor Zaoll Muse & Dreaming Luv

Mar 6, 2011

    1. Discuss Glamor Zaoll Muse & Dreaming Luv here.
    2. Love on their outfits! ^_^
      The heads on that body is okay, but the resin match is kinda odd....
    3. I really love both faceups. Of course the resin match isn't perfect and that is a big minus.
      But I love the glamour body and it suits those faces. <3 If they would be able to make
      the resin 100% suitable they would be perfect! *__*
    4. I didn't even notice the resin match issue until it was pointed out, but now it's practically all I can see. :| However, it's really neat to see zaolls on those curvy bodies, and I think the promo-shots are quite amusing.

      Also, I think Dollmore gave these girls pretty pale, subtle face-ups. On the one hand, this is good because it makes the different resin colours apparent to everyone. On the other hand, I suspect that the resin match could look a lot better with a bit of strategic blushing.
    5. I think they look great on the glamor eve body, however I am a little disappointed that they made the zaoll so tall, I know it is a lot of trouble to make a new body for them, but making a curvy version of the actual zaoll body would have been cooler in my opinion