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[Dollmore]Lingerie Ver. Model dolls

Feb 4, 2007

    1. Just got this email.

      "hi~! Dollmore customer.^_^

      have you been well? ^^

      The sexy and gorgeous Lingerie Ver. white Bella and black Bonnie are released at Dollmore.^^

      Their fascinating face-up style and white skinned faces are truly captivating

      All white mood of Bella looks like a goddess and All balck mood of Bonnie looks like a fairy.^^

      Moreover, Their perfect body lines and Model poses as well...

      They are limited worldwide to just each 30 pieces. ^^

      << organization >>

      - White skin head with face-up
      - Sanded White body with sanding service
      - default eyes
      - box, cushions, COA
      - outfit full set "

      Here are the links :