Dollmore Lusion Discussion - Part V!

Aug 13, 2014

    1. Posted in the Facebook group but here is a quick photo I took the other day of my 3 girls...who will be more
      Patience(Klaire), Oakley(Lilia) and Wysteria(Elf Dahlia). I wonder what they will think of the new girls when they eventually arrive...hmm. I really need to stay completely off Dollmore keep looking at the Gothy looking cute!


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    2. I have that new Orgel daish Lusion that looks gothy on layaway XD I fell in love with her when she was first released and since theres only 5 of them going to be made I knew if i put it off I may never get her so i caved for a year long layaway XD I will get her in the end I think that is what should matter. Funny enough she matches this character i have in a story I'm writing. Her name is Penance and she's the daughter of Death. Also other wise known as Mother of Reapers. XD She's gonna be fun.
    3. Can you do the year long layaway with dollmore or a doll store, I forget!

      Congrats on your new doll Fush however long it will take you to get!
    4. Yes you can do a year long layaway from dollmore if you ask for it specially or you can do a year long layaway from Fabric & friends.

      Thank you! She will be amazing :D
    5. free shipping though through dollmore, I don't think fabric friends offers that.
    6. People that have the Somnambulinsomnia lusion doll, how are her ears attached are they part of the head or what?
    7. The elf ears are a solid part of the head.
    8. And what a lovely Family Grouping they make.

    9. The head was shipped off the body in a little box to protect the ears.
    10. Beautiful girls, Kitty Blue! I can hardly wait for mine to arrive.
    11. Quick question, I want some opaque tights for my girl. Anyone know what size I should buy?
    12. Thanks everyone, I always wish I had more time to spend with them and make them more clothes. Orgel is only 5 sets...drat :( I guess its a good thing they still have a basic version if I do decide to ever get her I could have someone do her faceup in a similar fashion. Rarely do I buy dolls for their fullset clothing anyway. Well accept Elysia violet letter who I still wish I would have purchased gorgeous gown.
    13. Beautiful girls, I love looking at them and admiring everyone pictures :)
    14. I think the orgel daish is her own unique sculpt. She doesn't come as a basic sculpt. Just the basic daish which is different from the Orgel one.

      I haven't quite decided if I want to keep my Lusion's dress outfit yet. I need to see it in person and stuff. She is coming with a ton of clothing XD because I wanted to see what works on her truthfully since she firs in with a special story line of mine.
    15. yes the basic version I was speaking of or meaning is the basic daish they are still both the same sculpt just a different faceup and the Orgel of course has the full set of clothing. I think it is fabulous that they made the Orgel one look so different than the basic...always amazes me how much a simple faceup can make a sculpt look completely different.
    16. Nancy Thank you for telling me that I was wondering!

    17. I would try maybe a 12 month size, but you know what, if I go to Target I will pick some up and try them on my girl if you would like
    18. Thanks, Stella! Very nice of you to offer. I've found some online in the color I want (black), but hesitate to buy them since I'm still waiting for my doll. I'm having such fun buying antique and vintage children's clothes for this girl, but trying not to go overboard and buy stuff that won't fit. ;)
    19. yes copy the overboard lol.
      Sure I will grab some tights and try them on Stella Noel.
      I should have some around here, but that would involve looking...
    20. I think I have some at home but can't remember what size they are...sorry no help at the moment I'm at work and can't check.