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Dollmore Lusion Doll - Thistle Dahlia LE10

Jul 13, 2009

    1. I went beserk when i saw her. Simply put: I think she is BEAUTIFUL. I love everything about her, her face, the dress, she just blew me away. The only thing that still pains me every time i STARE at her is that price TT.TT Oh to be rich.....

      I really liked the other Dahlias but wasn't really thinking of getting them....just admiring from afar. But now i may just have to resort to a second job otherwise i think i may just cry XP

      What are your thoughts on her???
    2. Unfortunately these dolls are off topic for DoA. I'm not sure why though.
    3. Really??? Woops, sorry!!! ^^ I didn't know
    4. Yes they are offtopic sadly because they resemble a baby doll too much I believe. I'm not sure.
    5. TT.TT that's quite upsetting actually, but oh well ^^ ignore the thread then
    6. omg, she is so gorgeous. I would love to have her but that price tag :sweat
    7. So beautiful. I really want her. :(
    8. Am I the only one who is severely creeped out by her? D: I was already pretty leery of Golden Dahlia, because of her scale; she's just TOO big for an immature doll. (Heck, I even think the Mecha Angels are pushing it.) But now this one, and photos which explicitly note and *encourage* the creepifying aspects of her? *shiver*

      In less reactionary and more intelligent terms of discussion:

      With their Lusion line, Dollmore seems to be playing to some seriously non-BJD, mainstream-horror tropes of what a doll does and is like. Respectfully, I don't like it. I can't imagine there's a lot of demand for an 80 CM child-like doll -- I'm not saying *no* demand, and I respect that she *is* a beautiful doll. Were she 35 CM tall, I would be right in line to fawn over her. But at this scale, and especially in light of the first set of photos that came out for Golden Dahlia (naked-with-gauze shots? Really?), and now the photos for Thistle Dahlia too, I'm leery of what kinds of messages Dollmore is trying to send with these dolls.

      Part of me wonders whether they're making 80 CM child dolls merely because nobody else has yet.
    9. Re: the gauzy photographs and her presentation -- I just thought the gauzy shots were to show her body in a tasteful way. No matter if the doll is a sexy thing or an innocent little child, everyone wants to see the body type. And its not uncommon for BJD companies to use potentially weird/"creepy" presentation with all kinds of dolls. Not to mention that Dollmore tends to be, ah, a bit creepier than most on occassion. :sweat

      Her size is not to my taste (Mecha Angel or otherwise, 80cm is just too big for me), but Thistle Dahlia is quite lovely and elegant, and I can see why she is considered on topic for DoA. There are quite a few tiny, itty bitty child BJD's on topic for DoA, so why not more big ones? Dahlia's pretty darn big but not out of the "realm of the handle-able", as I like to call it. ;)

      I hope to see this girl, or a standard version, on DoA in the future. ^^

      (I admit I too am a bit baffled by why they released a doll this size too -- why not, say, a mature mini line? -- but I don't pretend to understand doll companies, lol. Must be a different market.)

    10. Just one more line from me, not to hijack the discussion or anything, but -- the lighting and posing in the gauze shots was, I feel, *more* suggestive than if they'd just stood her straight up under bright lighting and taken shots. With other dolls, including tinies, that straightforward method is used to show the body type, objectifying the doll *as* a doll, rather than sensualizing the doll as a human-like object, as I feel Dollmore did with the gauze shots of Golden Dahlia. YMMV, but personally, I'm becoming less of a Dollmore fan as more of the Lusion dolls are released.

      Lastly from me - :aheartbea for everyone on this thread! Despite personally being creeped out by her, I'm really happy to see that Dahlia is an on-topic doll now, because discussion about her is definitely preferable to keeping her off behind the curtains somewhere. Plus I just love discussing newsworthy dolls like her, anyway. :)
    11. YAY!!!! I'ME SO HAPPY SHE'S ON TOPIC NOW!!! ^^

      Anyhoo, I see where you are coming from with the size, that was MAJOR put off for me at first, but being someone who also grew up with china dolls scattered about her bedroom i suppose the look of her really grew on me. ^^ She's just so damn beautiful to me!
    12. I think she's stunning, and find her size totally ok as a 'stand alone' doll. Obviously she isn't going to fit in with a bjd family of SD or smaller but I don't think the market is for that. She crosses over between collectors of Himstedt dolls and BJDs and if I had the £ I'd be happy to get her. And I love the limited edition Thistle the best (why do I always love the most expensive :?)
    13. I for one am over the Moon with this doll. I have never been a fan of Dollmore dolls but this one has me. I like that she is very different and I think her size only adds to that, she is so unique in so many ways. I may have to cave and get her! also what I like about Dollmore is that there is support for her size, she already has clothes, shoes eyes and wigs which I find that most doll companies that I love do not do.

      She is so incredible :aheartbea

      Oh and mods thanks so much for letting her be on topic...YAY!

      I have a question to those that have ordered one, how long does it take to receive her after payment?
    14. I like the "creepy" aspect and even the borderline sexuality. It reminds me of Koitsukihime or Hizuki, art doll sculptors whose dolls are typically vaguely-pre-adolescent nymphets with a sensual-yet-morbid vibe. Or of Mark Ryden's uncannily coy little girls. I really like that photo of Thistle with the axe-shadow. And the one with the lollipop. I can see why she's off-putting to some, but I think that's the point and I like it.

      ...but what bugs me is her tiny waist. I like her face and her hands, but they seem too large and babyish for her torso.
    15. I was just browsing through the News section and noticed the new Thistle Dahlia. I hadn't paid much attention to her before as I just couldn't seem to realize why she was so pricey - but I had not really taken a good look at her. Wow, she is really different.
      And, I'm glad that she is not off-topic. Her body, especially the joints, looks very much like the dolls that are handmade in the Yoshida style. I'm really glad that Dollmore came up with her, it's a nice way to blend with the handmade art dolls.
      And just like SDink said, it is nice to see that they have clothes and shoes and wigs and eyes already available for her, (otherwise we'd be shopping in the kids department for her - hee hee). She's wonderful.

    16. Hmm, i hadn't noticed that about her waist, and now that you mention it, your right. Maybe that's to make her look slightly more elegant than the normal chubby little child would? That's just my thoughts on it
    17. I am not sure what you mean by creeped out? Is it the immaturity that your "creeped" out by?
      I think she is a beautiful doll. I do not find her sexual by any means. He body is not odd at all. She is built just like my 5 year old. Not all children are chunky.
      I think the gauze photos were to show the body in a tasteful way and not just have a naked child like doll.
      She many not be everyone's cup of tea but neither are 3 eyed or hooven dolls.
      I just wish I had somewhere to put her.
      And as far as price. How much does a Volks Dolpa SD cost now? Plus your paying for materials. I imagine she is quite costly to make.
    18. I think Thistle Dahlia is very interesting and the only Dahlia I'd ever consider owning...but the price is crazy!

      I also think that there is something not quite right about the way Dollmore is marketing Lusion dolls, but I quite like the creepy pictures associated with Thistle Dahlia. The gauzy pictures of Golden Dahlia are inappropriate. I know people want to see pictures of the doll's body, but Fairyland manage to do this with their Pukis without sexualising their dolls, and the gauzy shots are either an artistic element gone wrong or they're intended to attract a different sort of customer.

    19. I don't think it looked suggestive at all. I agree with the others about it being a tasteful way of showing her body. I mean, she IS one of the most lifelike dolls i've seen so i suppose it was possible the most decent way of shooting her they could think of at the time.

      Remember during the Victorian period parents would have artistic pictures taken of their young children nude to symbolise innocence. I don't see how this is too much different.

      Perhaps it's just the facial expression on the Dahlias, it's not the most child like in the world...