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Dollmore Model boy Adam Larme Discussion.

Jun 13, 2006

    1. It looks like the OOAK MARS headmold! (Which is most likely a modded Bella Auden head). That's awesome!
    2. Go figure the first Dollmore doll I've ever really, really liked... and he's limited to 15.

      Well he's gorgeous. I hope at least one active DoA member will get him and take lots of pictures. :D

      edit: he does have a lot of Bella Auden in his features...
    3. Yeah, I'm convinced that's just a Bella Auden headmold on a boy body... <.<
    4. His jaw looks a bit more squared to me, but then I'm not a Bella expert. ^^;
    5. It is apparently made with the first Bella Auden headmold. So like... the mold before it was finalized?
    6. Yeah, looks like it:
      *by request of many customers, Larme was made of the early Bella's head.

      I'm probably just weird, but something about it reminds me of the orientdoll tae head. I don't know why. xD
    7. Definitely looks like the Mars mold...and I'm happy to note that my suspicion has indeed proved correct.


      Caro: :sneaky Oh...hi, "Bella."

      Erling: Excuse me?

      Caro: Oh, nothing..."Bella."

      Erling: OI! :evil:

    8. I think he looks like Bella and Amos's lovechild ^-^

      He's gorgeous....just when I've saved enough for Hwi Ki....need to do some thinking...
    9. I ordered one yesterday. Now just to see if I can get the money raised in time before my grace period ends. :)
    10. ! He's so gorgeous! No fair, why'd he have to be limited to 15? T-T
    11. I really want him *____*

      But I think that by the time I have enough to get him, he'll be sold out XD;;
    12. My situation exactly. :(
    13. I love the dolls that dollmore puts out, but I can't afford to buy anything right now because I'm saving money for another doll.
    14. I have just bought him. He was on Ebay. Will post photo's as soon as he arrives.
    15. Aww, damn it. That's the first Dollmore doll I've really, really liked. He's very pretty, but in a strange, not-actually-that-good-looking sort of way. If I had the money, I'd grab him... here's to hoping that he'll get released as a naked standard? :sweat
    16. lol i want him soo :love
    17. Mine arrived last night. There are lots of first time photo's of him on my journal, including some body comparisons with my DIM Eunbi. I think they make a perfect couple and his stock photo's so not do him justice....he is simply gorgeous!

    18. such a lovely boy... to bad he sold out so quick :(
    19. I wonder if the Adam body would fit the Ipsae head? I think there may need to be blushing, but the head should fit proportionally, right?