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Dollmore Model boy Evgenia Hanoel Thread

Jun 21, 2008

    1. I like him very much, I don't like the price. If only they had him in normal version. Not to mention that he has a girl's name :ppp
    2. I took one look at his pictures and caved. I wasn't looking for another tall male doll, he's not my usual style, but . . . AUUUUGHHHH!!! I NEED HIM!

      He reminds me so much of Yoshitaka Amano's art . . . eeeee! *wibble*

      -- A <3
    3. I thought that his lips looked familiar but the eyes were totally different!! Thank you so much for this info:)
    4. Exactly what I thought! Although I think he has a lovely body and face, it's a shame they gave him quite a girly hair style/hat and name...I thought he was a girl at first. He could look incredible though! The tight trousers are hot!
    5. Haha ! That's why my Haneol Moon is a good female (when i get him).But I will take the normal version ..love the outfit and everything though.
    6. For some reason Evgeneia and the original Haneol doesn't look alike at all to me. Not only the eyes, but the size of the lips and the shape of the jawlines... Is it just the faceup difference?

      And, agreed, the tight pants are hot.
    7. Well, I'll ask DM is i can order him blank or not. Since i'm not loving that face up so much -.-
    8. I'm pretty sure that his eyes has been opened a bit. Look at the distance between the crease and the eyes - it's much smaller on this version.

      But the lips look the same - just with a less pronounced painting...
    9. Yeah, I think the eyes are different because they specifically mentioned different eyes in the description.

      I'm... undecided. I like certain aspects of this outfit and sculpt, but really, really don't like some of the other.
    10. Gah this time around, DM isn't making it easy on me, they say it impossible to order him without his face up -.-. Maybe i'm just misunderstanding or something.

      Seem like the boy is already made, so they can't change him, so i'll order later, and get someone to redo his face up,and sale off some items i don't need/like.
    11. He definitely has something different in his eyes that Haneol Moon.
    12. I love him! What a beautiful mold! Love the style too! But sadly I won't be able to afford him T_T
    13. Mephistol, he's a limited edition of 10, and a lot of what is limited is his face-up -- I'd advise getting a non-limited Haneol and doing his face-up the way you'd like, if you're looking for a different style.

      -- A <3
    14. He's on my wishlist :)
    15. ... we have acquired one of the ten Evgeneia Hanoels. ... does anyone know who has the other nine? ... i have found one in Russia. ... but , I understand that there are three there.

      I would like to re-unite Doug with his brothers through pictures.....