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Dollmore Model boy Kyle Reese Discussion

Oct 13, 2006

    1. Good heavens, he's so THIN! :o Rather nice otherwise though, very gorgeous sculpting and he looks great with the girl models.
    2. He looks about as thin as hound! I'm starting to think I'm the only one who really wants a boy doll who is a little more... broad shouldered?

      He is quite lovely though- he has a very nice face. And look at the six pack! :O
    3. H'mmm..... I wonder if I could stick him on one of Donn's BH boys body?
    4. Ugh... I was hoping I wouldn't like him, but no, he has to be gorgeous. >_<

      Hmm... maybe he could wear Hound clothes, as he's only 3cm taller. The leg dimentions for the model boy are Lenth of "from waist to foot" : 38cm, and for the DS boys Lenth of "from hips to ankle" : 40.4cm. So it all seems fairly close. ^^

      But ugh, those abs... <3

      I remember hearing the model girls and Afghan are resin matches (though the neck circumference is way off)... I wonder if the model boy body could support a DS head. 'Cause that'd be too perfect for one of my characters.
    5. wah! he's PERFECT! no kidding, not twenty minutes ago I was fretting that they'd never make a bjd over 70cm. :) :) :) :) :) and he's sooo beautiful
    6. He seems really tall to me too. O_o 73cm That's taller than Hounds! I really like his face tough. Í've never really been into hounds or other taller dolls but somehow I like him a lot. I like his hands and the joint on his torso. Might want to get one someday. :3
    7. he does look really thin. i think he looks good with the model girls though. i can't wait to see other people's pictures of him when people get him.
    8. damn, if they had haim before I got Corpse I would have been in trouble, how couls I have decided! Mind you Dollshe hands still own me.
    9. I really like him, but....he's too thin, poor thing! His poor little spindly legs! And he's so very tall! I do like him a lot though. What a solemn face. :)
    10. He has better knees than dollshes. XD

      ...I wonder what the resin match is like.. >_>;;
    11. The clothes that they have him in look like a hound outfit... I know we have that suit. So maybe he can still wear hound clothes? I love his face! Looks like they went a little nuts with his neck blushing though, it seems in some of the shots that his body resin doesn't match.

      I'm sure that's just the blushing though. I wonder how well he stands and holds poses? that's a lot of resin to support!
    12. :fangirl: Yes, he is finally introduced today & he is gorgeous! Perfect mate for Bella & Ipsae. He is an inch taller than model girls which is 29inch.
      Here is a quick pic that I picked out as my favorite before you get to more detail.
      I always recommend to ask as many questions you have before you make up your mind. Hope he will be loved by many collectors:fangirl:
    13. Of course he's skinny-- he's a model! They don't let models eat! :P

      His face doesn't have a heckuva lot of character, but it's very pleasing. I really like him. He's got that sleepy-stoned-pretty look that models have, sure enough. He looks good with the Giantess Ipsae, and it knocks me out that he even towers over HER (her being Hound-sized). ^^

      They put MUCH too much blushing on his body for these pictures, though... that is probably why you don't like the look of his abs. They'll look much less stark in real life, when they're left un-shaded. This over-blushing is making him look scrawnier than he should!
    14. I'm not fond of handling dolls taller than SD13 size, but he is so nice! I love his face and body sculpting. Something about his torso is more appealing for me than the Dollshe body. I can't believe all these tall boys and girls wear such tiny 14mm eyes!
    15. Does he have the lower torso joint?
      I can't tell...
    16. He only have a upper body torso joint that makes him more stable even with his long legs.
    17. Bonus muscle!

      Hee. Sorry. When I looked at his abs I thought of an old Liefeld drawing. ^_^

    18. I think he's gorgeous! I love his dreamy eyes. But, I already have my Hound, Byron, as a mate for my Ipsae, so he won't be coming to my house in the near future. I'd love to see owner pix of him and I'm hoping some of the local people get him so I can see him for real. My compliments to Dollmore for a very nice male model ~ he was worth waiting for!
    19. Gah... another stick insect boy... :( Where's the men?

      I'll stick with my stocky lads thanks.