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Dollmore Model boys! Lawrence, Huey & Sleeping Kyle

Sep 22, 2007

    1. I think the impossible has happened - Annette just got bumped off/down my list and I am craving me some dolly boy :o

      EDIT: Er, that came out wrong :sweat I think everyone knew what I meant, but just to be clear, I didn't mean it . . . well, you know, like THAT XDD

      But man. Huey Lewis is beautiful. :fangirl: I can't say what it is, but I like him most out of any male doll sculpt I've seen so far. Must be the combination of features . . . and I'm lovin' that faceup on him. Though why sleepy Kyle is there looking like HE'S craving him some dolly boy too, I do not know ;)
    2. when i saw the subject line i thought for sure i read that wrong . . . but no, they actually did name the doll huey lewis! XD

      of the two i really, really like lawrence owen. he's more of what i wanted when they first started talking about model boys. which could be trouble for me . . .or not depending on how you look at it. ^.^;; i'm just really digging his smug and kind of up-tight look.

      but, haha, huey lewis. XD
    3. Omg. I love them *___*

      Hurray for 70cm boys!
    4. I really love Lawrence Owen, his face is so detailed and masculine, and he does look like a fine gentleman.

      Yay for sleeping Kyle too!
    5. Blame it on Huey Lewis that I can´t get "Stuck with you" out of my ear now...
    6. Oh dear lord... I don't particularly care for the doll, but I want Huey Lewis for his name!
    7. OMG, Huey is the one for me, his eyes are WOW !!!!!!
    8. Wow for me it was "The Heart of Rock and Roll". I almost want to buy him just because he's named Huey Lewis. Also he's really cute.
    9. *looks at Sleeping Kyle and the other new Model Dolls.....then glances down at siggie*

      Oh dear. I am more than tempted to edit my wish list again after seeing these new handsome sculpts.

      Darkness Fatale >> is now torn between S Kyle Reese and Huey Lewis >.<''''
    10. Oh gawd... sleeping Kyle T_T Dollmore just informed me that they don't have plans to release the heads alone yet, but I hope they do soon.
      I'm gonna airbrush that sucker white and sticking it on Erebos, so help me gosh.

      Oh man, they're all so good looking though o_o I LOVE the nose on Lawrence!
      I wanna know who that mystery SD is in the group shot too, even though his head looks a little too big for his body O_o
    11. Do they only come in that one skin tone? That would make it hard for mixing and matching :(....
    12. The mystery doll, forgive me if this sounds wierd, looks more like a normal Kyle Reese head on a 60-cm male body (head looks out of proportion to the body). *_* Maybe, I wasn't looking harder in the site when finding the matching sculpt.....:sweat
    13. That 60cm definitely does look out of shape. xD
      Nevermind, I mis-read something. C': But I think it's probably just an unreleased fellow.

      I think it's the thin lips mostly, that make the head look so much bigger? That, and maybe they've just been making too many Model men... :]
    14. Huey looks like a Kyle to me.
      Seriously, these sculpts are kind of generic looking compared to the more realistic boys that other companies are putting out lately.
      Although I too am amused that they named a doll "Huey Lewis", especially since he looks nothing like the real Huey :)
    15. I believe Kyle looks nothing like Huey. The nose is the extent of their likeness, if you ask me.
    16. The eyes to me also look a lot like Kyle, or at least like my Kyle. Could be the angle from which the picture is taken, of course.
    17. Both beautiful boys! Oh no--what a decision. I rather think Lawerence Owen is my fav at the moment, but the new Uni-guy is awfully handsome as well. Gosh!
    18. I'm liking Huey Lewis and Sleeping Kyle a lot. *adds to wishlistt* I also like that blondie with Huey...I think I'll want his head on a 70cm body tho. Now if only Dollmore offers body parts... :sweat
    19. oh yeah I was just looking at them and then I foudn htis thread XD who would have guessed lol

      for a while here I was debating whether to stike uri rich off my wishlist and use huey lewis for one of my characters... and after the initial 'oh wow, he's an awesome new sculpt!' thoughts finally cleared up, I realize that uri is still on my wishlist hehe XD