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Dollmore Model Eva Louise

Aug 9, 2007

    1. Kay. Uh, I posted in News about her release, but since I think she deserves her own discussion thread, I hope its okay if I start one here, too.

      What do you guys think? o.o Personally, I think she's very beautiful, except I intensely dislike the way they did her lips in the photos >> There's just something about it that seems to detract from her face. Methinks with a different face up she'd be absolutely gorgeous, though o.o

      In any case . . . Dollmore is on a roll! Lisa Rubik and Chami, the vampire ball dolls, and now this lovely girl . . . all I can say is WOW o_o

      Right then . . . thoughts? XD
    2. I agree with you about the lips. Size-wise, they're not bigger than say, Elfdoll June's lips, but instead of just going with red lipstick look, it looks like they tried to go for some transparency to the red, too. It's very distracting.

      But her face IS nice. I think she's got the best proportioned face of the recent Model girls. Looks kind of sad, though, but that could be the faceup.

      On the pic with her arms raised -- what are those 3 dots on the upper part (shows as lower, since the arm is raised) of the elbow joint? Are those stop-holes or just something from the casting?
    3. I think she looks like another nice sculpt... from what I can see. I agree that the faceup, in particular the lips, makes it hard to tell just what she looks like.

      My goodness, though, what is Dollmore feeding their sculptors? They're cranking out the dolls! :o
    4. The elbow joint dots are just to tell the difference between which of the joints is the left elbow joint and which is the right. C:

      Lips aside, I do really like her. I'd love to see owner pictures though...

      Man. Spitting out Model women everywhere. xD;;
    5. i really, really, really like her! i may actually be in danger here.:sweat i'd love to see her with different face-up though.;)
    6. I know, it IS really hard to tell with that faceup. My eyes just zoom to her mouth . . . especially since the model girls are so pale, that color just . . . wow. If you do end up getting her, I think everyone would like to see her without such, uh, eyecatching lippy xD (In otherwords, PICSPAMPLEASE! :D )

      LOL! That made me giggle so much! Very well-said! XD Although. This summer, it seems like everybody is @_@ There's just this . . . huge flow of new sculpts from several doll companies. I mean . . . WHEN DO THEY SLEEP?!
    7. I really like her. :D The lips bother me as well, but I can tell I like the sculpt underneath those lips, so all is well. I think Eva just replaced Ipsae as a future "dollself" of a character of mine. ::goes to change wishlist::

      I think I need to win the lottery. XD

    8. She is gorgeous. But yeah, the way they've done her lips.... >.>''
      Some of the faceups on the Dollmore dolls don't seem to do them justice. But their sculpts are lovely. I LOVE Dollmore's body sculpts.
      I like how each girl seems to have her own lingerie that's different from the other girls. <3
    9. She's beautiful and so sexy, but I have to agree that the lips just... I don't know, the faceup didn't take the best of her but the sculp is gorgeous. I really like her ^-^.
    10. Maybe its the lips, or the fact that I'm already in lust with Ipsae, Lisa, and Chami...:sweat

      I'm just not feeling her.

      Though I'm sure with a good faceup she'd be lovely.

      Now DM needs to come out with another boy!

      (Dollshe too for that matter)
    11. The lips tend to be the main downfall of most of the model girls in my opinion. Eva, Bella and Ipsae all have lips that just bother me. Bonnie would still have to be my favourite model girl. I'll be interested to see someone do something different with her faceup, see how her lips look then.
    12. Shoot me now. She's gorgeous, and I think the lips are great, maybe a little sloopy, what do you expect, these folk work like 24/7. I love her face, and am I seeing things or does she have teeth?
    13. The lips are definitely...lacking. My friend here at work says it looks rather like she's been doing a lot of kissing ;). Perhaps the pretty boy in the pictures towards the bottom?

      But I still like Bonnie and Lisa better.
    14. She looks like she's doing a snarl at some angles to me.

      D8 The liiips. Wrrrry. She's very pretty though. C:
    15. Haha, double post. Sorry.
    16. I agree with every one about the lips, but other than the lips I think she's beautiful!! I just wish dollmore had pics of her with different face-ups, I have the feeling those pics are going to be hard to find ^^;;
    17. She reminds me of a female version of Amos, or is it just me? :sweat:
    18. She looks a little like Amos I agree. I always wanted a doll to be Jadis, from Narnia. She looks like the perfect mean beautiful witch to me.
    19. i dont know what it is is with dollmore. they seem to have a love hate relationship with lips
    20. I think she's stunning!

      If I hadn't just bought Bonnie, I'd jump on this girl instantly.

      I do agree about the lip paint though. I'd prefer to see them done differently.