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Dollmore Model girl Ipsae Monahan

Apr 1, 2006

    1. I am totally in love with her. I thought Bella's body was gorgeous but, I wasn't so crazy over her face but Ipsae is another story. I love her expression. She has such a gentleness to her. I usually never go for girls, either. She is really something else though.
    2. As soon as I seen her I ditched Lishe and she's my new girl. She's amazing!
    3. I'm afraid of super-big dolls... but I love her mouth. I think she'd be great for a character of mine... but she's just so tall.
    4. she is really beautiful, but i am still stuck fast on Bella Auden's refined aristocratic hauteur.

      However this is likely because I have an excuse to get Bella at a later date, but haven't found a spot for Ipsae yet
    5. erp... I like them both, and I'm wondering what the next one will look like...
    6. I like the idea she's really tall. The character she's for is a rather tall woman (5'11") so I think that would be alright that she's taller then the rest.

    7. I am right there with you Effigy. Ipsae looks a little too young to me, and the length of her chin looks a bit awkward atop that length of neck. Bella's head and facial proportions are better on the body IMHO. I do like Ipsae's hint of a smile though.
    8. I think she would be very versatile. She very pretty but has a certain 'blankness' about her.
    9. These lanky girls are really growing on me. The more I look at the body, the more it intrigues me--and I'll be interested in seeing the whole range of heads, eventually.

      But I'm still stuck on the name. I know Dollmore says that "Ipsae" comes from the Korean word for "Leaf," which is cool, but I can't help looking at it and seeing Latin. Plus Irish (Monahan/Monaghan).

      Languages. Gotta love 'em. :chibi
    10. I really love her, but the long body still feels a bit awkward with that head- but it goes with the leggy super model look.

      I really like it. But 70cm seems alot to handle *_* But.. I want her >_> Hmmmm.. .....


      ...... ::decides to get her in the future::
    11. she has gentleness and firmness... hahaha

      hmmm i think she'll make a good wife for Ritsuka.... lol

      nooo my bank account has no money... ah well i shall plan....
    12. omg.. she's so gorgeous.. wow.. and i thought the Bella Auden's were so gorgeous already.. eek!! :D*_*
    13. I agree with gayle. I like the slight smile but yes, she does look a wee bit younger. Not that there's anything wrong with that - she's still GORGEOUS!!!!!
    14. She and Bella are both lovely...but Ipsae is drawing me in. I love her mouth.
    15. She is beautiful beautiful - but damn she's tall!
    16. Wow.. I might just be stalking this thread. After staring at her pics for so long, i've decided that i'm totally in love with her.. Anyone else planning on ordering her yet??
    17. I absolutely love her! IMO she's the prettiest thing to have come out of Dollmore thus far. I won't be getting her, though, as I don't really like very big dolls and anyway, Ivoire wouldn't welcome the competition. ^^;;
    18. She is gorgeous... I wasn't a big fan of Bella's head either, but Ipsae fixes that problem. I was going to get a MNF Lishe next, but I think I might have to change that. Good lord, she's pretty. And she'd look beautiful with Bermann...
    19. Probably closer to winter. My heads need bodies first XD. Plus Orientdoll Tae is next on my list (Birthday money! :apresent: ), then a body for my MNF EL SS.

      Any of you who already ordered should come out and raise your hands! We all expect plently of pictures.