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Dollmore Model Glamourous Bust Body - LE Eva, Leah and Mellow

Mar 17, 2009

    1. On the new LE model dolls... Eva and Leah.

      I personally adore the new bust piece! Think it will be available separately?
    2. Can those girls even stand up? I would think the center of balance would be...different.
    3. So would the Dollfie Dream Dynamites... except they are vinyl so it makes it a little easier - internal skeleton and all that.

      It looks to me like they just have big boobs with the pushup bra effect that we are seeing more often.... for example the new Elfdoll bodies and of course the Dollfie Dream Dynamite ones as well.
    4. oh wow...i been looking for a L bust body like that...they are perfect :) height a bit to tall...but it alright i'll deal >.>
    5. hahaha I love them and even my boyfriend approves (duh, but he doesn't like dolls so its suprising ;D ). I also really like their facesculpts but I just read that they arent new ones xD They look different tho.
      In the news thread someone said no one has boobs like that. But I have a friend with boobs like that so there :lol:

      Their chest circumference is almost half of the circumference of my head xDDD
    6. Everybody is sayin its impossible to have boobs like that..... *looks into her shirt* Er. Its not. :sweat Not that I like that its possible, mind you.... *takes another robaxacet*

      Well, I cant really say they are high on my list. But I love that Dollmore is actually making dolls only for grownups. That pleases me a lot. I mean, these two have the potential to grab the lucrative male girly model kit market.... cause they are sex incarnate, and thats what those boys buy. Conversely, the glamour doll fashion market.... who wouldnt wanna make a red carpet gown for one of these two?? I am loving the diversity of options Dollmore is beginning to offer. So I quite like these girls on principle. :)
    7. Well Hello BOOBS where did you hide the doll?
    8. I want so bad! If i were ever to upgrade Amethyst to resin, she would have that body.
    9. :o

      that was my initial response. but I do agree with KasaMadhuri777... it would bring more guys into the hobby :lol: and I would love to see the gowns people could make for these girls! Oh if I were a talented seamstress!!!
    10. Just what we want, PORN DOLLS!
    11. They haven't actually altered the measurements from the normal model dolls yet, so I wouldn't use those measurements posted as a basis for anything. Right now its claiming the bust is smaller than their hips. I don't think so.

      I'm hoping they bring the bust piece out to buy separately, cause I know I'd buy one with a normal model doll body for my own amusement. XD
    12. Er...Im a guy and I think those boobs are ridiculous. I suppose Im a guy into dolls so Im thinking practically. Firstly...whats the difference in inches between the normal Model Doll boobs and these? Will Dollmore be releasing clothes to fit them? How much more heavier are these dolls going to be?
      I think Model Dolls are heavier and bigger enough without those add ons! ;) I really dont think they look nice, they remind me of the tragic model Lolo Ferrari too much.
      I was laughing thinking about the fact if they fell face down at least their faces wont be chipped, itll be boobs hitting the ground first!
    13. i was not prepared for "THAT", when i saw glamour model figure, i thought they would be all tall, lanky, stringbeany gals, but i was not expecting boobalicious!

      my eyes bugged right out of my head when i clicked the link.... but i like them, i like anything different, thinking outside the box stuff, i think they're awesome, *wants*
    14. They are not "Glamour" Models...they are the regular Models with new bust part.
      They are still only 68cm tall.

      The Glamour boys are 75 cm.
      I would expect the Glamour Girls to be comparable when they come out.

      BUT...OMG those things could be seen from space.
      I SOOOOOO want one.
    15. I showed my husband the pictures and he said, "What did you say the name of the company was? Builtmore?"
    16. I looked at Eva Louise and my first thought was "Yuko! What are you doing from XXXHolic?!"
      They look similar :sweat Google Yuko Ichihara if you're not as cliché as I am.

      I like the more mature buxom, definitely appeals to people wanting someone different from the usual perfect figures, but it's not like the really scary huge ones I've seen somewhere on the internet.

      I'd get one if I had the money :D

    17. Sister company to "Peterbuilt"

      (sorry, couldn't resist)
    18. They are absolutely perfect! Buying at least one, if lucky - both in quantities lol Although usually I'm a fan of small breasts... I have no idea why these two stroke me as a lightning.
    19. Mmkay, just gonna throw in my two cents and skeedaddle... I'm fine with boobage, but MAN. That's... a bit much. XD Just a little over the top, if you ask me, though it's all personal taste, of course.
    20. Well, hum, where do they hide the tits part ? o_O