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Dollmore Model LE Black Candy Ipsae

Sep 15, 2006

    1. WOW! she is so gorgeous!!!!!!! *makes grabby hands* T_T
    2. They're absolutely beautiful! Their lips kind of bother me, though... They look a little sloppy and it's especially noticeable in the Ipsae Monahan.

      Am I the only one who can see this?
    3. I know what you mean, I see this too.
    4. It almost makes me want to buy them just so I could wipe their faceup off and re-do it. XD But I suppose the faceup is the appeal of the limiteds, hm?
    5. I see it!
      ...Although I love her eyes.. They're gorgeous~
    6. I don't really understand why the lips look like that....I've never seen a Dollmore doll with a mistake in the face up! Maybe it is a reflection from the flash?

      Anyone else find the pictures a little bit....rude? haha
    7. i can't find enough words how beautiful she looks in those photos. i really, i mean REALLY, love her outfit. i don't usually like sexy+lolita but this set is magic.

      and yeah, i noticed her lips looks kind of weird but the rest is just perfection.
    8. no.

      ipsae's lips are ridiculously hard to paint. There is a very VERY deep indent between her upper and lower lip, so once paint gets in there, it doesn't come out.

      e_e I've redone my ipsae's faceup three times so far. I like this last version the best.. once she gets some eyelashes XD
    9. I think the eyes are *stunning* -- I do agree, though, the lips aren't up to standard for Dollmore (and especially not for a limited). If it's that hard to keep paint from gunking up in there (and, trust me, I've run into that same problem with other dolls), they should try airbrushing the lips with a mask, then touching up the details with a brush.

      Eh-heh-heh . . . this being just the opinion of an amateur face-up artist, mind you ;)

      I *love* the photos!! Hehe, I don't mind if they're "rude" -- the outfit bares her breasts, so they do have to show them (and the fact that they're blushed.) Is anyone else reminded of the "Boudoir" outfits for Unoas?

      I've never been tempted by the Model girls before (I think they're awesome, they've just never 'spoken' to me), but the blonde version just kills me. Rawr. I wish they had the same outfit, though -- I like the pannier-style skirt on the black version better >_>

      Not that it would make a difference, given that I'm financially overcommitted up to my eyeballs anyway, but we're talking theory here
    10. i would have her modded to open the indent up so her mouth is slightly open, i bet that would look neat!

      very scandalous pics lol o_o; although, the bonnet added in totally ruined the look IMO n_n;;
    11. I love the doll and all her accesories.. I AHTE her lips though... they look like they were trushed and the paint had bubbles in it.
    12. Odd, the link comes right back to this thread.
    13. Hmm, Dollmore made a doll of Vanessa Paradis. Now all we need is a Johnny Depp, and we'll have a matched set.

      That being said, I do rather like her, and here's hoping they make an unlimited version.
    14. I love the dolls, they are so sexy and different, I love their corsets too...

    15. Yeah, I'm having the same problem. I wish I could see what everyone is talking about!
    16. LE Black Candy Ipase

      hmmmmm i love her outfit and the pictures are scandalous.... but well i always wanted to know why do they call her model doll... *sighs @ noobness*
    17. :fangirl: I like her, but I would get a blank face Ipsae and have Pepstar do the face-up for me. Her makeup style is very unique and I love the way she makes all the colors blend!