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Dollmore Model Legends of the Moon - Mellow & Eva

Oct 30, 2007

    1. Ahh. Mellow is pretty. Her mouth looks really weird to me though. It looks like it was supposed to be open, but just painted fully in. :?
    2. Eeep. If I win the lottery I'm filling up my cart at Dollmore with these two.
    3. I've been eager to see some Mellow limiteds and I'm not disapointed! The red wig on her is really striking!

      The lips...er...they just can't seem to paint them right! They should be darker and use a black line to fill in that awkward gap which makes it look like her mouth is open. But still- if I had the cash she'd be on her way home NOW :)
    4. I am absolutely dying to get my hands on Mellow Cole to repaint her. I love everything about her except for those faceups. *sigh*
    5. Oh god, the Mellow limited. I rarely wanted limiteds, and I really want this one... @_@ I'm agreeing about the lips, but that color looks really nice... >: Just. They need to do something about that mouth.
    6. Mellow has such a beautiful skin tone. She's just lovely and if only I had the money, I'd bring her home as well!
    7. they are so lovely and I agree, Mellow has such a striking look. I love how they do her skin, it looks almost glowing (not actual glowing of course but ya know that soft "glow" look) XD And the contrasting colors on her looks stunning. But yea, also agree they need to do something about her mouth. But then, having ti look like it's open might not be such a bad thing lol at leastthe color they used this time is nicer ^^
      I like Eva, but she doesn't call to me as much. Though I do like how she looks here better than the basic picute ^^;
    8. I adore Mellow, and I LOVE that corset:aheartbea But those lips to me are always the deal breaker:( If I've sait it ones I've said it a TRILLION times*_* I really dislike the way Dollmore's mould's Lips are shaped, and painted:(