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Dollmore Momo

Apr 17, 2007

    1. Can any owners of momogirls please tell me what you think about them? Iam thinking of getting one so I would love to hear opinions please? purdy please and some pics would be great! I would love to have sweet wind memory with blue hair but out of my price range Iam afraid...and they are the same face mold, Right? Are they? and are the boys the same mold too? I preciate some help Thanks:)
    2. As far as I know, all the face molds are the same, it's just the bodies and such that change. I love my momo girl! Her face is -so- versatile- ignore the stock photos on the dollmore website. The default faceup makes her look awful, in my opinion. She can do so many different looks, though, I love it. She never looks the same at any dollmeet I take her to. XD
    3. Thanks, I like her eyes and nose...whats her body like for standing and such? If I would order her from dollmore lets say this week would she come with the old body? (as I heard a new body thats better come out.) or have I got that wrong?
    4. I have a Momo boy. He is the same head, and a similar body, just with boy parts.

      I found him to stand pretty well, better than my Kid Delf dolls.

      The new body has been around for a while. All dolls ordered now come with the new body; the old one has been discontinued. The new body has double-jointed elbows which means the doll can bend her arm more than 90 degrees, which is where most molds' posability stops. So you can do things like this:


      Old faceup:
    5. Thats good to know about the bodies, your boy is deadcute Aggity. And thanks chopsart, shes really sweet.. they can look so different. Are they heavy or light? (if you know what I mean) like my souldoll katie feels lighter than marianne
    6. I just bought Momo with the new body, (a gift, so I don't have her now:( ) but I love her! Her resin is wonderful, a lovely creamy resin with a good weight and feel to it. The body had nearly invisible seam lines, posed like a dream, was perfectly strung--I wish all the dolls I have were made as well as Dollmores. I can't say enough nice things about it, as well as the shipping and service from them was fast and efficient. They sent the head to Kaye in Australia, and the body to me in the US, and blushed just the hands and feet for me (that is all the parts I wanted blushed), and they got the order correctly the first time. I can recommend them without reservations, except one: buy her without a face up cause Momo is so much nicer than the Dollmore pictures! And one more picture of my MIL's Momo, named Carly:
    7. Thank you so much toydogs, your momo is the sweetest with that faceup. Funny, someone else said that about dollmores faceup..I send an email with some questions and got an answer yesterday straight away. What are they like with delivery once you paid? does it take a long time? I love the little pic under your name by the way toydog, reminds me of my chinese crested powderpuff named Tinkerbell. sometimes that changes to Stinkerbell as she likes going in the garden to roll in dirt...:)
    8. Stinkerbell--that is cute, and too accurate sometimes!:lol: And I love Chinese Cresteds, such great personalities those little ones have!
      Dollmore had the doll shipped out in a week, and all e-mails were answered within 24 hours. You might want to make sure they have what you want in stock, because it wouldn't be this fast of course, if it had to be made. But I am sure they would give you an accurate time to expect it. I have since ordered some clothing and I received that within 2 weeks, so I am very pleased with their customer service.
    9. Oh one more thing, and the only negative. The headcaps are held on with elastic. I do wish they were magnets, hopefully at some point all the dolls will have magnetic headcaps.
    10. Glad to know about the headcaps.. thank you so much. Iam sure I will think of something else I want to know in a bit..:roll:
    11. Aggity--I really like your Momo's new faceup. Very nice!
    12. I'm thinking of getting a girl Momo as well, so this thread is super helpful! Are the default face-ups really not that great? I'd be a little worried to get her without one, as that would mean finding someone amazing to do it for me (no skills here, I'm afraid) ... anyone have any good owner-taken pictures of the default? The site's pictures, as said before, really aren't that great...
    13. I feel Dollmore Torrie is little bit lighter than Souldoll Katie. (even Torrie is highter!)
      My kid is not momo, but I think Torrie and Momo are same weight ^^

      I love momo too. I wish her very much. but now is not the time :(
    14. Thank you toto for telling me, I know what its like to want something and you cant have it maybe if you wish long enough it will happen one day!:)
    15. I have not had my DM Momo very long as I recently adopted him from another DOA member. I can tell you that I simply adore him. :aheartbea :aheartbea

      I love his beautiful Asian features, and he looks so good with big dark eyes. At the moment he is wearing a blonde wig and I am surprise how much I like him in it. :lol:

      I think you will be so happy with a Momo!

    16. He is so cute! I love the Momo face.
    17. Momo's my first, and she is awfully cute in person.
      here are some albums i have of her online.
      Albums that starts with BJD Mae.
      In BJD Mae a pound of flesh you can see her nude and lovely adolscence pose.
      In BJD Winona Ayase are many of hers with a Lishe, so to get a feel of her with an SD^^.
    18. Thanks atrika! They are lovley pictures. Is that the default face up on Momo? and where did you get those cute black and pink (I think) boots momo is wearing, they got lace up on the sice. In picture nr 037 le momo ? All your pics are nice actually!:)